Public Enemy – He Got Game (1998) Vs Buffalo Springfiled – For What Its Worth (1967)

Public Enemy in fine form as usual on the title track for 1998 Spike Lee film “He Got Game “, they went one better than just sampling a hook for this one. Rather than jack the samples of the 1967 Buffalo Springfield classic protest song  “For What Its Worth”, they actually brought in Stephen Arthur Stills the man who originally wrote and played guitar on the song to feature on their take of his classic some 30 years later.

The #1 Hip Hop group of all time featuring a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer & one greatest guitarists ever is a creative match up that put out  one hell of a tune. A track that stood the test of time to become one of the most original sounding PE tracks to date.  Also props to PE for pulling off a collaboration that I don’t think too many other rap groups and pull off to be honest.

Buffalo Springfield – For What Its Worth (1967 Original)

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