Co-Op Pres: Deep-House Legend ‘Vincenzo’ playing a 5 Hour set @ Civic Hotel Sat 1st Aug

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Co-Op Pres: Deep-House Legend 'Vincenzo' playing a 5 Hour set @ Civic Hotel Sat 1st Aug

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The Revenge @ Beats In Space Mix #461

Since its nearly time for ‘The Revenge’ to start rocking dance floors around Sydney, I though it would be a good time to share some of the amazing cosmic disco & funk edits he become infamous for.

This is an amazing mix recorded for Tim Sweeny’s Beats in Space radio show

The Revenge @ Beats in Space #461

Track List:

1 6th Borough Project – Do It To The Max – Instruments Of Rapture
The Revenge – Funk On A Whole Nu Level – CDR
Madonna – Justify My Love (The Revenge Edit) – CDR
Venus Gang – Love To Fly (Edit) – Lotus Records
5 The Popular People’s Front – Showtime – The Popular People’s Front
6   6th Borough Project – Nights Over Memphis (The Revenge Dub) – Instruments Of Rapture
7   Deep Space Orchestra – City Streets – Five20East
8   Harmonic 313 – Flaash – Warp
9   Sweet Exorcist – Testone (Winston & Ross Remix) – Warp
10   The Pointer Sisters – Be There (Accapella) – MCA
11   Mark E – Fighter – Sonar Kollektiv
12   Andy Ash – Goin’ Down – Universal Vibes
13   The Revenge – Hotz 4 U – CDR
14 Who’s Who – Hypnodance (The Revenge Edit) – CDR
15   B.W.H. – Stop (Edit) – House Of Music
16   Lionel Richie – Serves You Right (Edit) – Motown 17   Tony Lionni – Better Change – Mule Electronic
18   Craig Smith & The Revenge – Jacques Cousteau (Beat) – CDR
19   John Daly – Lonely Beat – Drumpoet Community
20   Red Rack Em’ – Picnic (The Revenge Remix) – Deep Freeze Recordings
21   Model 500 – The Chase (Riff) – Metroplex
22   Todd Terry – Bring It Back – TNT
23   Brother’s Vibe – The Reaping (SOW Mix) – Mixx Records
24   Barbara York – Tonight (The Revenge Edit) – CDR
25.  Network – Back In America – Warner

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The Revenge Gigs In Sydney

CO-OP Disco Basment Jam

May 23rd: CO-OP Presents’ The Revenge & Motor city Soul’

53-55 Liverpool Street Sydney CBD

Facebook Event

Resident Adivisor Event


Motorcitysoul & The Revenge In Sydney, Sat 23rd May 2009



TICKETS ON SALE @ Resident Advisor

Sydney collective CO-OP, are bringing two highly acclaimed
international guest artists together in the city.
Matthias Vogt, founder of German kings of electronic House
Motorcitysoul, & Graeme Clark, AKA the mastermind behind the UK’s
re-edit and future Disco royalty The Revenge, will be gracing the DJ
booths (note plural) of a Sydney basement venue for the inaugural CO-OP
shakedown armed, no doubt, with good haircuts and great music (both
equally important, lets be honest). Oh, and they’ll be playing two sets
each on the night to showcase the different flavours of their sound –
one more trademark in the main room and one more ‘eclectric’ in the back
room. Both on systems provided with love by revered audiophiles
Funktion-One. Vive la difference…


Matthias Vogt started his Motorcitysoul project back in 2003 and has
released quality deep House records over the past few years under this
alias in partnership with Christian ‘C-Rock’ Rindermann. Original
productions have found homes on some of the world’s best electronic
labels including Freerange, Simple and Stir 15, with latest album
Technique‘ released on Will Saul‘s imprint in 2008. On the remix front,
heavyweights Phonique, Dirt Crew and Black Science Orchestra, to mention
a few, have all been blessed with the Motorcitysoul touch. A truly
talented musician as well as DJ and producer, Vogt is acclaimed
internationally for his Jazz outings and is behind the revered re:jazz!
album series. Matthias has played all over the world but is best known
behind the decks for the residency Motorcitysoul hold at Sven Vath’s
legendary Cocoon club in Frankfurt.


Graeme Clark has been producing and playing music for over 15 years and
is currently creating a stir under his latest moniker The Revenge. He
co-runs the label Five20East, which provides a home for his original
tracks as The Revenge, and also releases DJ-only edits for L.E.S.S.
Productions. Many of the cream of the international DJ community are
fans of The Revenge’s seamless blend of deep Disco and pitched-down
House, including Todd Terje, Tim Sweeney, The Unabombers and Radio
Slave. Clark’s engineering experience is also in demand, with
forthcoming work including projects for Mark E and Jisco, and he
produces under a number of collaborative aliases including OOFT! and 6th
Borough Project. In 2009 The Revenge will boast releases on Graeme’s new
vinyl only label Instruments of Rapture and Five20East, Jimpster’s new
imprint and Raoul Galloway from Faith’s label, plus remix work for
Phonica among others.

CO-OP represents the meeting of several not altogether proficient minds
who have decided, in their sometimes questionable but generally well
informed wisdom, that what Sydney really needs right now is a good
old-fashioned, rough around the edges party, where that music stuff and
everything that makes and breaks it is really important and everything
else is, well, not. The purveyors of other not-too-shit nights A Disco
Stole My Baby and Better Days have become cosy (maybe even getting to
second base, but that’s just a scurrilous rumour) and intend to program,
produce, promote and pimp, some pretty ridiculous (as in good) house
party style events in someone else’s manor. The fundamentals are simple
– outstanding and exclusive DJ talent playing outstanding and exclusive
music on a fuck-off sound-system in a suitably dark and dancer-friendly
venue. Oh, and they won’t be stealing your wallet in a corner either
(metaphorically speaking). They’re not planning on starting an empire,
but know there are others that worship at the alter of deep Disco and
even deeper House who would prefer something laced with a little more
love than your typical nightclub experience…


The Revenge Mix Up @ Beats In Space

Facebook Event

CO-OP Group @ Facebook for more info, mixes, photos & future parties