DIGGERS INC STRICTLY VINYL MIX-TAPE #2 – DJ LAMBIE – The Gangsta Rap Mixtape (1992-93)

On International Record Day 2012 we officially launch our DIGGERS INC ! page support and get the word out about all that is going down with the local Vinyl collectors scene. We will be featuring a special selected mixes, podcasts from Sydney’s finest wax enthusiast along with updates on all that is happening with the specialist  events, stores still doing their bit to save Vinyl in Sydney and Australia.


The original idea for Record Store Day founded in 2007  as a celebration of the unique culture, where independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day and hundreds of artists  across the globe make special appearances and performances.



DIGGERS INC MIX-TAPE #2 – DJ LAMBIE – The Gangsta Rap Mixtape (1992-93)

Mon 23rd April,

  • STYLE: G-Funk, Rap & Golden Hip Hop
  • TIME: 60 MINS

A mix our main man, Sydney based DJ & wax collector DJ Lambie put together way this dope mix-tape wayback in 1992-93 with no computers, no digital recorders.. just on 2 12’s & a mixer with a leaking fader and a tape deck!

The man recorded this way back  & saved in a shoe box till the he had a chance to get it on computer for us to enjoy. When you hear that crackle in the background you can be sure its not someone cooking bacon… just some of that warm static hum we all love !

This is a REAL mix-tape from a local cat who has been doing his though for years around town. Catch him Sundays on THE BLACK PRESIDENT RADIO SHOW on Koori Radio and playing around town.

Follow the show Here on Facebook or get in touch with LAMBIE on FACEBOOK  for more dope mixtapes.


About The Black President Show:

Sunday nights between 9pm – 12am on Koori Radio’s 93.7fm (Sydney) With DJ Lambie Lovelace, Leo Tanoi and Mr A.E you will get a variety of the blackest and the deadliest music on the blackest and deadliest radio station in the nation.
Dropping Everything from Soul, Rare-Groove, Funk, New Jack Swing, Hip HoP & more
E-mail: theblackpresidentshow@yahoo.com
Sydney radio station: Koori Radio 93.7fm live streaming: www.gadigal.org.au



STYLE: LATIN, SOUL, FUNK            


Sydney’s SOUL 45’s institution hosted by Gian Arpino &  friends is a  monthly soul club where friends and music lovers from all walks of life get to hang out, dance and be merry to music that the Sydney scene doesn’t hear too often.

With an eclectic mix of dance floor soul you’ve never heard alongside staple classics to create an incredible atmosphere unlike any other in this city in personal spaces around Sydney.

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