Departure Lounge.. Flight 402..Elchinos..Friends As DJs series starts up again with.. DJ Samir aka JUZZLIKEDAT..lots of Soul, Jazz, funk, Hip Hop and also mixing in African, Brazilian, electrojazz and any type of Black music..Strckly Old School Selection from the Captain also..Tune in to hear what musical flght path we both will take ..Saturday,4th February..3 to 5pm..2SER.107.3

Departure Lounge
Flight 402

Vera Cruz/Jamie Marques/RCA
Pecados Do Amor/Marcos Valle/Signi
Soul Detroit/Intro
Blue Eyed Soul/Till Bronner
Groovin/Jackie Orsazasky and the Grandmasters
Montana/Bobby Hutchenson(Madlib)
Unwind Your Mind/Greyboy/Ubiquity
Soul Sister/Weldon Irvine
Mana Ana/Booster
Tumba Rhumba/Certain Ratio/Factory
Yerakiy/Malatu Astake
Rolling Stone/Red Astaire feat.Erykah Badu
Cala Boca/Joao Donato
Brothers/Marlie & Marcus Feat. D’Angelo
Bukom Mashie/Oscar Scully & the Uhuru Dance Band
Salsa Scatch/Rob Swift feat.Bib
Rainha Do Dub/Dubbin/GAMM
Com e Or/Mo’ Horizons
I Cry For You/Davina

Catch Juzzlikedat & El Chino dropping the goodness Friday at The LOUNGE.

PArty Rockers JUzzLIKEDAt & CMaN team up with Special Guest El Chino (Trevor Parkee) of DEPARTURE LOUNGE RADIO for a GOOd GooD Music Special this,

Friday Feb 10th from 7pm!

Will be a good one! Free Entry, Happy hours 5-7pm!




It’s time to make some noise for one of the pioneers of the Neo Soul movement – ERYKAH BADU! From the lady that brought us classics like “Didn’t Cha Know”, “Bag Lady”, “I Want You”, “Ye-Yo”, “On&On”, “Tyrone” and “Love of My Life (Hip Hop)”, Erykah Badu has made an indelible mark in the music industry not only as a creative genius, but as an original artist in a league of her own.  Badu seamlessly fuses organic sounds of  African rhythms, to Hip Hop, to Jazz, Soul to Funk. As a mother, singer/songwriter, producer and entertainer she can hypnotize an audience without the overbearing  trait of preaching a movement – she just lives it.

After rumours of having been denied to perform for Peats Ridge Festival 09/10, a petition has been created via Facebook to let major promoters know that there is a fanbase in Australia. The petition aims to make some waves in the industry with the desired outcome of a future Australian tour! Her new album NEW AMERYKAH Pt.II: Return of the Ankh will be released on the 25th of February, 2010 which sees her collaborate with multiple artists from Jay Electronica, 9th Wonder, Shafiq Husayn of SA RA, Madlib, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Lil Wayne and Bilal to name a few. Honorable mention goes to J DILLA for the use of his production  beyond the grave in the collaboration track entitled ‘LOVE’.

The Erykah Badu petition in essence is all about music – her music, and the heart of the petition is YOU – her fans. Music is our universal language. You know it. I know it. It’s that knowing smile we’ve all experienced. Sometimes we wish the world could take it’s time with us. But it doesn’t. Music is the only thing that can make us take control and say ‘world, you gotta wait…cos my jams on!’

It’s the tingles, the goosebumps, it’s the headnod, it’s the smile….it’s losing ourselves in the moment….it just is.

Music speaks, moves, inspires, instills faith, HEALS and encourages strength through boldness!!


Join the Facebook petition by clicking on the link below and help make some noise by being apart of this cause:


Our efforts combined can make it happen – this is not possible without YOU! Let’s make some noise!!

Download the mixtape below!

Soul Symphony II: An Ode to Erykah Badu mixed by Kavi-R

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Mixed simply for the love of Good Music and BADUIZM!

Excerpt from Kavi R’s website: This mix was crafted with love and respect for the artist. All songs are played at their original tempo. “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit”! Ditto! if you’re digging my mixes, positive feedback is warmly received. I’m extremely passionate about exploring and exposing uncommon underground quality music. I rarely hear this music on the radio, in the clubs or see it on tv. It’s up to us individuals to keep the Funk alive!

Why I mix the way I do…I’m an old school DJ that believes in utilizing every feature of the “1s & 2s”, “Wheels Of Steel”…Turntables! Mixing, remixing, scratching and juggling two copies are all part of the DJ / Hip Hop art form and culture that I grew up with.

Download Part 1

Track Listing:

1. The Healer – Erykah Badu
2. Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop) – ft. Common
3. Think Twice – Erykah Badu
4. Sometimes – Erykah Badu
5. Sometimes (Mix #9) – Erykah Badu

6. Back In The Day (Puff) – Erykah Badu
7. Soldier – Erykah Badu
8. Erykah Badu – Apple Tree
9. Erykah Badu – I Want You

Download Part 2

Part #2 Track Listing:

1. Southern Girl – Erykah Badu ft. Rahzel
2. Southern Girl – Kavi-R remix
3. Danger – Erykah Badu ft. China Black
4. Real Thang – Erykah Badu
5. Drama – Erykah Badu
6. On & On – Erykah Badu
7. You Got Me – The Roots ft. Erykah Badu
8. Otherside Of The Game – Erykah Badu
9. Time’s a Waistin’ – Erykah Badu
10. Certainly – Erykah Badu

Check out more Soul & Hip Hop mixes by Kavi-R at myspace, facebook or at his website

And on a side note….

There’s an interesting buzz now here in Sydney with the Place of Public Entertainment law (PoPE) finally being abolished. Do yourself a favour and be aware just how much our city will awaken from its slumber in the next couple of months. Walking around town Sunday evening past several cafes and pubs along Broadway, I found more live music on street corners than I had seen in a long while. There was an air of vibrancy that seemed to lightly hang upon the stillness of our sleeping streets. I felt the city had held its tired breath and finally exhaled this thick air of  inspiration that seemed to linger, where all I could hear and see were smiling faces appreciative of being in the presence of live music again. It felt good! Why? Our musical culture is back!

This is what it’s all about – a culture! Sydney is changing and it’s changing for the better and it’s up to you – the person, to maintain this culture. In order to cultivate this live culture, we must be steadfast at supporting local artists and live bands, spreading the word by mouth, supporting your scene and supporting venues and promoters that make it all possible for our enjoyment.

A change soon come…..

Nickodemus (Turntables On The Hudson) @ JembeMusic 3rd Bday + Oz Tour Promo Mix &; Departure Lounge Mix


Friday January 15

@ Melt (12 Kellet St Kings Cross)

Nickodemus (Turntables On The Hudson & Wonderwheel NYC)

Karsten John (Vinyl Vibes Ger)

Huwston (Knowfool)

James Locksmith

Grant Naylor on percussion


Facebook Event

JembeMusic @ Facebook

JembeMusic Website


  1. Nickodemus On Departure Lounge Radio (Sat 9th Jan 2010)
  2. Nickodemus Australian Tour Promo


After 3 years of specialist music services, unique events, album launches, soundsystems, and now also a resourceful blog. The independent JembeMusic is turning a big 3 years old. Celebrating in style, we have two special globe trotters coming to the party. From Brooklyn NYC, legendary DJ Nickodemus returns to the heat of the Australian summer for his “Sun People” tour (how appropriate).

Come along, dance and enjoy a unique intimate show, bringing his funk, soul, hip hop, house, disco, and global beats signature, together with the eclectic dancefloor jazz selector, direct from Germany’s Vinyl Vibes party and label, Karsten John. Also spinning, are music addicts and pushers, James Locksmith and Huwston and we have one of Australia’s most sought after percussionists, Grant Naylor hitting the skins (no pun intended). This is a birthday party that everyone is invited to and certainly one not to be missed!

Limited capacity, $15 on the door, no presales!

Doors open 10pm, close 5am, no lockout

12 Kellet St Kings Cross

Nickodemus Mixes

#1 Nickodemus Australian Promo Mix

  1. “Gimme the Sunshine” by Sunshipp

  2. “Nao Posso Demorar (Dubben Remix) JuJu Orchestra by Solaris
  3. “Son Montuno” Una Mas Trio
  4. “Brookarest” by Nickodemus feat Taraf de Haidouks (The Pimps of Joytime Remix)
  5. “Gosalo” by The Pimps of Joytime
  6. “Disco Trippin” by Amplified Orchestra
  7. “N’Dini” by NIckodemus (Tal M Klein Remix)
  8. “Jennaty” by The Spy from Cairo feat Ghalia Benali
  9. “Tropical Treats Cumbia Re-edit”
  10. “Conmigo” by Nickodemus feat Sammy Ayala
  11. “Soy Del Valle” by Quantic y Su Combo Barbaro feat by Shantel
  12. “Sun Children” by Nickodemus feat The Real Live Show (Pablo Sanchez Remix)
  13. “Ala Shan” by The Spy from Cairo

#2 Nickodemus On Departure Lounge Radio, Flight #9010

Radio 2SER (107.3) Saturday, 9th January, 2010

Flight Over the Hudson with Nickodemus

Download Here

Check out Departure Lounge on Radio 2ser 107.3 or streamed @ Saturdays 3-5pm with El Chino for weekly Nu-Jazz, Funk, & Soul

Facebook fan page Here & previous show podcasts/tracklisting Here

Sun Children by Nickodemus feat The Real Live Show

Nickodemus – Funky In The Middle