Event: 73’Till Infinity – This Thurs Feat. Secret NYC guest from Turntables on the Hudson this Thursday in Newtown @ Martin Cafe (Funk, Afro-Beat, Soul, Boogie, Latin)

73’Till infinity is lucky enough to be hosting a very special guest from NYC’s Turntables on the Hudsonplaying at 73’till Infinity this Thursday at Martini Cafe (529a King St Newtown) with local support from Edseven and friends.

Free Entry – Indoor/Outdoor Courtyard Spot – Good Food – Cheap Drinks – Killer Music.



Info –> www.lioness.net.au/73til.html

Mixtape –> Turntables on the Hudson global beats and breaks mix


TURNTABLES ON THE HUDSON is a boat PARTY started in NYC in 1998 & continues today with parties around the world including THE NILE, LAS RAMBLAS, THE DANUBE, THE CARIBBEAN & SYDNEY HARBOR hosted by the mighty DJ Nickodemus, Nappy G on percussion & many guests Worldwide pushing all kinds of global funk flavors with an dope open music policy.



GLOBAL HIP HOP: A BEIRUT MINUTE Feat. Nickodemus Edd Fareeq l’Atrash, Yaseen, Malikah & Ram6 Hamorabi,



https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?ui=2&ik=23481b57fe&view=att&th=1375441b4284a067&attid=0.1&disp=inline&realattid=f_h29mbc500&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P-WMjw5wLyNApAzywxLu6b_&sadet=1337148625693&sads=ON_q0ckyGmkMMRflD1f-izSqNXg&sadssc=1Nickodemus’ first musical love has been hip-hop – in large part because of hip-hop’s ability to convey a poignant social commentary through lyrics and production. This is what drew him and Justin Carty together to form the project “A New York Minute,” released in May 2011 to critical acclaim. The project brought together the top talent in New York City’s underground hip-hop culture The Real Live Show, Rabbi Darkside & iLLspokinN – as well as legendaryMC Sadat X (Brand Nubian) to do a track and video inspired by the uprisings in the Arab world, the Wisconsin labor strikes & the possibility of the same tipping point in NYC. Nickodemus and Carty always envisioned a continuation of the “A New York Minute “to be “A Global Minute” and the opportunity presented itself in September of 2011 when a musical DJ collective The Beirut Groove Collective, and Jembe Music invited Nickodemus to Beirut – one of the cities most associated with the turbulence of modern Middle East history and a city that has held a special place in hip-hop lore for decades. The hub of the burgeoning Arab hip-hop movement, Beirut has gone largely unnoticed as the uprisings in the Middle East have taken on despots, dictators and monarchs with unflinching bravery and ingenuity. Beirut’s fight, however, is one that represents Arab struggles on many fronts.

“A Beirut Minute” video/song will help illustrate why Lebanon is a country still recovering from a devastating 1975-1990 Civil War and more recently the War versus Israel in 2006, despite it being a top tourist destination over the last 3 years. Through A Beirut Minute people will be viewing Beirut through the lyrical talents of four of the finest Arab MCs on the scene today including, Edd Fareeq l’Atrash, Yaseen, Malikah (who’s worked with everyone from Nate Dogg to Cheb Mami) & Ram6 Hamorabi, rhyming over a raw 70’s style drum-break & flipping to a Middle-Eastern Tarab-sampling Hip-hop beat. Vocal version & an instrumental included.

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Nickodemus (Turntables On The Hudson) @ JembeMusic 3rd Bday + Oz Tour Promo Mix &; Departure Lounge Mix


Friday January 15

@ Melt (12 Kellet St Kings Cross)

Nickodemus (Turntables On The Hudson & Wonderwheel NYC)

Karsten John (Vinyl Vibes Ger)

Huwston (Knowfool)

James Locksmith

Grant Naylor on percussion


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  1. Nickodemus On Departure Lounge Radio (Sat 9th Jan 2010)
  2. Nickodemus Australian Tour Promo


After 3 years of specialist music services, unique events, album launches, soundsystems, and now also a resourceful blog. The independent JembeMusic is turning a big 3 years old. Celebrating in style, we have two special globe trotters coming to the party. From Brooklyn NYC, legendary DJ Nickodemus returns to the heat of the Australian summer for his “Sun People” tour (how appropriate).

Come along, dance and enjoy a unique intimate show, bringing his funk, soul, hip hop, house, disco, and global beats signature, together with the eclectic dancefloor jazz selector, direct from Germany’s Vinyl Vibes party and label, Karsten John. Also spinning, are music addicts and pushers, James Locksmith and Huwston and we have one of Australia’s most sought after percussionists, Grant Naylor hitting the skins (no pun intended). This is a birthday party that everyone is invited to and certainly one not to be missed!

Limited capacity, $15 on the door, no presales!

Doors open 10pm, close 5am, no lockout

12 Kellet St Kings Cross http://www.meltbar.com.au




Nickodemus Mixes

#1 Nickodemus Australian Promo Mix

  1. “Gimme the Sunshine” by Sunshipp

  2. “Nao Posso Demorar (Dubben Remix) JuJu Orchestra by Solaris
  3. “Son Montuno” Una Mas Trio
  4. “Brookarest” by Nickodemus feat Taraf de Haidouks (The Pimps of Joytime Remix)
  5. “Gosalo” by The Pimps of Joytime
  6. “Disco Trippin” by Amplified Orchestra
  7. “N’Dini” by NIckodemus (Tal M Klein Remix)
  8. “Jennaty” by The Spy from Cairo feat Ghalia Benali
  9. “Tropical Treats Cumbia Re-edit”
  10. “Conmigo” by Nickodemus feat Sammy Ayala
  11. “Soy Del Valle” by Quantic y Su Combo Barbaro feat by Shantel
  12. “Sun Children” by Nickodemus feat The Real Live Show (Pablo Sanchez Remix)
  13. “Ala Shan” by The Spy from Cairo

#2 Nickodemus On Departure Lounge Radio, Flight #9010

Radio 2SER (107.3) Saturday, 9th January, 2010

Flight Over the Hudson with Nickodemus

Download Here

Check out Departure Lounge on Radio 2ser 107.3 or streamed @ 2ser.com Saturdays 3-5pm with El Chino for weekly Nu-Jazz, Funk, & Soul

Facebook fan page Here & previous show podcasts/tracklisting Here

Sun Children by Nickodemus feat The Real Live Show

Nickodemus – Funky In The Middle

Days Like This Festival Mix By Soulshaker DJ’s + Set Times,Giveways & After Party

Tickets Available Here
Set Times Here

DLT Festival Mixup, BY Soul Shaker DJ’s

Download Here @ Soul Shaker DJ’s Blog & be sure to catch SoulShaker DJ’s playing the Garden Stage at 12:30 till 1:30

Track List
1. Jungle Juk (TSOP) – JamNowGen
2. The Drop – The Nextmen
3. Maybe So Maybe No – Mayer Hawthorne Continue reading

Days Like This Festival Mix By Soulshaker DJ's + Set Times,Giveways & After Party

Tickets Available Here
Set Times Here

DLT Festival Mixup, BY Soul Shaker DJ’s

Download Here @ Soul Shaker DJ’s Blog & be sure to catch SoulShaker DJ’s playing the Garden Stage at 12:30 till 1:30

Track List
1. Jungle Juk (TSOP) – JamNowGen
2. The Drop – The Nextmen
3. Maybe So Maybe No – Mayer Hawthorne Continue reading