Red Bull Music Academy New York 2012 – AUSTRALIAN PARTICIPANTS FEAT. Andy Donnelly aka KLOKE (Melb) & JULIEN LOVE (Melb)


“I was blown away by the whole set-up, and the way the Academy serves to document music /DJ culture in the process.”– Greg Wilson, Lecturer, Melbourne 2006.

Since Tuesday July 9, 62 lucky DJs, producers, vocalists and multi-instrumentalists from across the globe have received email confirmation that they’ll be headed to Red Bull Music Academy in New York City this northern autumn – and two of the lucky golden ticket winners will be flying to NYC from Melbourne.

Andy Donnelly (aka Kloke) and Julien Love will each experience two weeks of music making utopia, where like-minded and forward-thinking producers, instrumentalists, vocalists and DJs from every conceivable genre come together for intensive semesters of workshops, concerts,

club nights and studio time which relegate sleep from one of life’s necessities to an optional extra.

TERM 1 (Sunday September 30 – Saturday October 13): Andy Donnelly aka KLOKE (Melb)

35Occupation: Warehouse Assistant, DVD Distributor

Music style: House, UK Garage, Electronic Soul

Skills: Producer

Labels: Granholme,



TERM 2 (Friday October 19 – Friday November 2): JULIEN LOVE (Melb)

30Occupation: DJ,

Graphic Designer, Media

Music style: Electronic Funk

Skills: DJ/Producer

Labels: M-Division



· For the

first time, we received applications from Swaziland, Afghanistan, Tanzania and Cambodia.

· We collected

12,482 stamps.

· Applications needed

to be postmarked by April 2. The last application we received with a valid postmark arrived on June 17.

· 85% of

those who applied were male, 15% female. 81% of those selected were male, 19% female.

· An employee

named Lars answered 1,439 questions via e-mail during the application phase – his personal record.

· The Academy

jury consisted of 21 members from five different countries.

· The nine

members of our data entry team represented six different nationalities. They all typed in excess of 55 words a minute.

· Several who

applied described their sound as “Turkish bathhouse”.

· Several chose

the Keanu Reeves classic Speed as their favourite film of all time.

· A disturbingly high percentage of applicants filled out their applications in mirror writing.

· The most

common Marvel Comic book character the applicants wished to be was the Silver Surfer. The least common was Pip The Troll.

· The most

common items applicants collect are a tie between scarves, sweaters, vintage radios and animated GIFs.

· Prince and

Brian Eno were the most common musical inspirations. Girls seemed to like Prince more, however.

· The most

common item applicants associated with New York was a hot dog.

· In comparison

to 2011, there was nearly a two-fold increase in the amount of times Stevie Nicks was mentioned as an influence.

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About Red Bull Music Academy

Red Bull

Music Academy was founded in 1998 and touches down in a different city each year. Over two fortnight-long ‘Terms’, some of the world’s finest purveyors of rhythm and sound gather inside the Academy’s walls. Two groups of successful applicants, themselves representing a diverse range of music styles and methodologies, attend lectures by musical pioneers, and work on their own tunes in custom-built studios. By night, they have the chance to perform in some of the host city’s finest clubs and concert halls.

RBMA 2012

takes place in New York City, one of the most iconic cities on the planet. NYC has been immortalised in the pantheon of music, incubating genres like hip hop, disco, house, bop, no-wave, and post-punk among others. NYC is inspiration central: a place where people from all nations collide, bringing music, culture, and attitude with them. Music is everywhere, from cars cruising the block banging hip hop mix shows to the indie rock stars of tomorrow mashing drums in East Village practice spaces. Boomboxes blasting Willie Colón soundtrack outdoor domino games, and hipster troubadours play fiddles in the subway while kids shout the words to the latest A$AP Rocky single down the train aisles.


in from 29 countries and six continents, 62 participants will attend RBMA 2012 in New York City.



in New York City: Term 1 – Sunday September 30 – Saturday October 13


in New York City: Term 2 – Friday October 19 – Friday November 2



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