VIDEO : Sydney Dance Community Tribute – MADE FOR NOW – JANET JACKSON feat. DANNY YANKEE.

What an absolute pleasure this is to watch, SO MUCH JOY! Australia’s dance community coming together to create this infectious tribute to the iconic Janet Jackson & Daddy Yankee & celebrate our counties unique cultural diversity through DANCE.

Made for Now Australia Cast and Crew:

Director: Melanie Louise
Producer: Ramos Jakob
1st Assistant Director: Lenny Fung
Assistant producer: Dany Eliya
Camera Operator: Ben Kalgovas
Camera Operator: Carlos Hydo
Camera Operator: Logan Pithyou
Editor: Sean Regan

Choreographers: Tsehay Hawkins Taryn Beatty Melanie Louise Karen Siu Karlee Misipeka Ramona Lobo Chris Ladera Ramos Jakob Sarine Perdedjian Azzam Mohamed

Dancers as they appear in the video: Taryn Beatty Ryka Satrick Djakapurra Beatty Tsehay Hawkins Melanie Louise Karlee Misipeka Sophie Kinnane Nerida Coe Madeline McCartney Karen Siu Effie Lam Kerry Louie Sophie Weregola Karlee Misipeka Jake Edwards Ramona Lobo Dorothy Joly Ali Beales Mestre Formiguinha Chris Ladera Ramos Jakob Antonio Romeo Cristiano Cristiana Sarine Perdedjian Lianne Esguerra Georgina Meyers Malaika Salatis Rachell Dade Ama’Ryllis Gloria Kolya Azzam Mohamed Jamie Kha Molonai Makalio Sarah De La Vaga Mali Ho Nina Liao Tiffany Nung Alex Cilek Silei Siania Jalahra Jones Cherie Poloa Jada Bennett Isabella Micucci Kirsty Lee Geddes Andrew Toby Banchalem Assefa Wei-Hsiang Lo (Ronn Lo) Kirsty Lee Geddes Ana Garcia Alexia Warner Juliana Duque Brito Jessica Ross Charntelle Hidajat Monique Cain Jamie Pitcher Emily Grima Tahlia Ruggero Kaiah Thompson Haley Merrick Anastacia Regulic Jade Hinte Lauren Korenblyum Danielle Bellas Josival Bispo Meadow Stig Mish Chapman Erika Palma Etai Zemack Casey White Shae-Maree White Leonell Beltran-Flores Isabella Yumul Qwaneisha Sprycha Tyrin Barnett Reneis Barnett Hudson Brande Keiraleigh Newman Angela Atkinson Leilani Siania Eden Dessalegn Georgina Meyers Lyndon Frykburg Charntae Lee Megan Young Jomar De Pedro Annie Rogers-Marshall

Special thanks to the COMMUNE (Waterloo, Sydney) and all the families who supported. WE ARE ALL MADE FOR NOW.

SOUL,FUNK,R&B: The Jackson Five Video Tribute- Im Glad It Rained, I am Love, Life Of The Party & I Wanna Be Where You Are

The Jackson 5 sing I Am Love on the Cher Show in 1975 same day as they did the medley with her.

MJ – Jackson 5 – (Life Of The Party The Carol Burnett Show)

Michael Jackson – I Wanna Be Where You Are