PRINCE TOUR MIXTAPE #3 : Seduction 747 – Ode To Prince Mixed By Dj Trey ( + Prince After Party Info

Yes, Yes people only 2 days left till the Prince Australia Tour starts & we have another absolute gem of a mix-tape. The Third installment of our “Midnight Mix-tape” tributes to PRINCE! This one is thanks to our man local Soul, Funk & Hip Hop DJ Trey.

Run Time: 
90 Mins

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  1. International Lover (Intro) – Prince & The Revolution
  2. I Can’t Make You Love Me – Prince
  3. Insatiable – Prince & The New Power Generation
  4. Adore – Prince
  5. Eye Hate U – Prince
  6. Incense and Candles – Prince
  7. Dark – Prince
  8. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore – Prince
  9. Dear Mr. Man – Prince
  10. Underneath The Cream – Prince
  11. Mr. Goodnight – Prince
  12. The Greatest Romance Ever Sold – Prince
  13. Joint 2 Joint – Prince
  14. Jam Of The Year – Prince
  15. She’s Always In My Hair – Prince & The Revolution
  16. If I Was Your Girlfriend – Prince
  17. I’ll Always Love You – 94 East Ft. Prince
  18. Love Sign (Shock G’s Silky Remix) – Prince
  19. Ballad Of Dorothy Parker – Prince
  20. Scarlet Pussy – Prince (Camille)
  21. My Love Is Forever – Prince
  22. Crazy You – Prince
  23. Sea Of Everything – Prince
  24. Money Don’t Matter 2 Night – Prince & The New Power Generation

  25. Soft & Wet (Disco Mix) – Prince
  26. I Wanna Be Your Lover– Prince
  27. Sexy Dancer – Prince
  28. Head – Prince
  29. Let’s Work – Prince
  30. She Spoke 2 Me – Prince
  31. I Feel For You – Prince
  32. Lady Cab Driver – Prince & The Revolution
  33. Chelsea Rodgers – Prince
  34. Erotic City – Prince

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This SAT MAY 12TH @ (Upstairs @ Civic Hotel)

Soul Of Sydney, Soul Sounds & Mama Feel-Good Funk Collective will be throwing down the goodness this weekend with a stack PRINCE inspired SOUL, FUNK & BOOGIE as well a solid dose of PRINCE gems from 10pm THIS SATURDAY (MAY 12th).THE PRINCE AFTER PARTY – TRIBUTE!Right after the Concert from 10pm – Late This Saturday (May 12th).Hosted by Soul of Sydney DJ’s & Friends:

Phil Toke
DJ Jon
Johnny Bones

EVENT –> or for more info.

Prince Midnight Mixtape :

SAT MAY 12TH @ (Upstairs @ Civic Hotel)

Soul of Sydney & Soul Sounds will be paying special tribute to musical legacy of PRINCE!

We will be throwing down a stack of classic Prince inspired numbers on Saturday 12th May right after the Concert from 10pm – Late.

Music by Soul of Sydney DJ’s & Friends.


One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & The Wa...

One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & The Wailers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bob Marley and the Wailers: Stevie Wonder Dream 1975 !! Magic

Midnight Raver

The Wonder Dream Concert held on October 4, 1975 at Kingston’s National Stadium was one of three events on the Holiday Jamaica package scheduled from September 29, 1975 through October 5, 1975.  The concert was a benefit for the Jamaican Institute for the Blind and featured Third World as the opening act. Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes were scheduled to play but did not show.

Third World, just back from a tour of the UK, opened their set with “Crying On The Rail Road Track” and followed with popular favorites “Sun Won’t Shine,” “Satta Massagana,” and “Slavery Days.”

The concert is often referred to as the Wailers Reunion Show, as it was the first time the original Wailers trio performed together since 1974.  It is the last time that all three founding members appeared live on-stage together.

The Wailers and the I-Three kick off their set with “Rastaman Chant”

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DUB,REGGAE,HIP HOP: Mos Def : The Bad Arse MOS DUB remixes!

Mos Def in fine form sounding right at home on these dubbed up remixes.

Nina Simone – Sinnerman (1965) Vs Peter Tosh – Downpressor man (1975) Simone- Sinnerman is one of Nina Simone‘s most famous songs and she recorded her definitive 10-minute-plus version on her 1965 album Pastel Blues. Simone learned the lyrics of this song in her childhood when it was used at revival meetings by her mother, a Methodist minister, to help people confess their sins. In the early days of her career during the early sixties, when she was heavily involved in the Greenwich Village scene, Simone often used the long piece to end her live performances. An earlier version of the song exists, recorded live at The Village Gate, but was never used on the 1962 Colpix album Nina at the Village Gate.

Simone’s version of Sinnerman has been sampled by Kanye West for the Talib Kweli song “Get By“, by Timbaland for the song “Oh Timbaland“, and by Felix da Housecat for Verve Record’s “Verve Remixed” series (1rst posthume music video directed by J.G Biggs). It has also been covered by 16 Horsepower on their album Folklore, and by Zegota on their self-titled 7″. French rapper Abd al-Malik sampled Simone’s version for the title track of his 2006 album “Gibraltar”. He also sampled Simone’s version of “See Line Woman” for the track “Le grand frère” from the same album.

“Sinner Man” has also been recorded as a reggae interpretation several times by the Wailers. It was first recorded by the group at Studio One in Kingston, Jamaica in early 1966; Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer shared lead vocals. different version entitled “Downpressor Man” was recorded by Peter Tosh & The Wailers in 1971 (“downpressor” meaning “oppressor” in Rastafarian vocabulary). The song featured Tosh on lead vocals and Bunny Wailer on background. An instrumental version was also released. Songwriting credit for this version is sometimes given to Tosh.

Tosh recorded the song again as “Downpresser Man” for his 1977 solo album Equal Rights and released a live recording of the song in a medley with “Equal Rights” on his 1983 album Captured Live.

The Tosh solo version was covered by Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor on her 2005 album Throw Down Your Arms, and by the skapunk band Goldfinger.

Nina Simone – Sinner Man (Original & Uncut)

Peter Tosh – Downpressor Man (1975)