The official full album stream of the new J DILLA album “REBIRTH OF DETROIT”
Label: Ruff Draft Records
Copyright © 2012 Yancey Media Group, LLC
Publishing: B.B.D.S Publishing


1. “The New Installment” (Intro)
2. “Detroit Madness” with Ronnie Euro (Phat Kat)
3. “Big Thangs” with Esham
4. “Ride With It” with Tha Almighty Dreadnaughtz
5. “Say My Name” with LaPeace, Moe Dirdee and Seven The General
6. “Detroit Game” with Chuck Inglish (Cool Kids) and Boldy James
7. “Feel this Shit” with KetchPhraze
8. “City of Boom” with Loe Louis and Beej
9. “Let’s Pray Together” with Amp Fiddler
10. “Requiem” with Allan Barnes (The Blackbyrds)
11. “Do It Right” with Fat Ray, VStylez and Soul Man (A.W.O.L.)
12. “My Victory” with Boldy James
13. “Rebirth is Necessary” with Tone Plummer and Mr. Wrong
14. “DILLATROIT” with Supa Emcee, Nick Speed and Guilty Simpson
15. “Center of The Movement” with 5ELA ft. Pierre Anthony
16. “Pitfalls” with Fat Ray, LaPeace and Loe Louis
17. “Do It For Dilla Dawg” with Illa J and Frank Nitt (Cake Boys)
18. “Jay Dee’s Revenge” with Danny Brown ft. Dj Dez
19. “Motor City Twirl” with Corey Sparks and Beej
20. “House Shoes Was Spinnin” with Quelle Chris
21. “The Best That Ever Did It” with John C and Allan Barnes (The Blackbyrds)


Release/catalogue number: RDR0002
Release date: Jun 12, 2012


J Dilla “Rebirth of Detroit” – COMING SOON 6-12-12.

The new JDilla Album drops 6/12/12

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Directed by Oren Goldenberg
Camera & Lenses provided by GSG Films
Text by Robert Gorowicz
Produced by Cass Corridor Films

J Dilla – Rebirth Of Detroit (2012)

Posted by On June – 10 – 2012
Artist: J Dilla

Album: Rebirth Of Detroit

Released: 2012

Style: Hip Hop

01 – The New Installment
02 – Detroit Madness With Phat Kat
03 – Big Thangs With Esham
04 – Ride With It With Tha Almighty Dreadnaughtz
05 – Say My Name With Lapeace, Moe Dirdee and Seven The General
06 – Detroit Game With Chuck Inglish (Cool Kids) and Boldy James
07 – Feel This Shit With Ketchphraze
08 – City Of Boom With Loe Louis and Beej
09 – Let’s Pray Together With Amp Fiddler
10 – Requiem With Allan Barnes (Blackbyrds)
11 – Do It Right With Fat Ray, Vstylez and Soul Man (A.W.O.L.)
12 – My Victory With Boldy James
13 – Rebirth Is Necessary With Tone Plummer and Mr. Wrong
14 – DILLATROIT With Supa Emcee, Nick Speed and Guilty Simpson
15 – Center Of The Movement With 5ELA (Hook By Pierre Anthony)
16 – Pitfalls With Fat Ray, Lapeace and Loe Louis
17 – Do It For Dilla Dawg With Illa J and Frank Nitt (Cake Boys)
18 – Jay Dee’s Revenge With Danny Brown (Cuts By D.J. Dez)
19 – Motor City Sparks With Corey Sparks and Beej
20 – House Shoes Was Spinnin With Quelle Chris
21 – The Best That Ever Did It With Jon C and Allan Barnes On Saxophone (The Blackbyrds)


Grindin’ & The Main Ingredients are pleased to announce the first solo show in Sydney for one of Hip Hop’s most lyrical MC’s live and direct from Detroit, Elzhi.

Elzhi made his international debut on “Come and Get It,” a stand out song from Jay Dee’s (J Dilla) debut album, “Welcome 2 Detroit”. The widespread praise for the track led to Elzhi joining the group Slum Village in 2002. The albums that Elzhi recorded as a member of the group – “Trinity”, “Detroit Deli” and “Slum Village” – have sold more than 600,000 copies and established Slum Village as one of the most respected Hip Hop groups in the world.

In 2009, Elzhi hired a new manager who immediately made enquiries into Slum Village’s contract with E1 music regarding their new album. RJ Rice, the founder of the group’s long-time label, Barak Records (n.k.a. Ne’Astra Music Group) responded by cutting Elzhi’s appearances on “The Villa Manifesto” LP in half. Ultimately, the label made the decision to remove Elzhi from Slum Village.

With The JAE.B Group as new management since 2010 and Elzhi’s departure from the record label that is home of Slum Village, Elzhi is now focused on reaching new heights. After a decade of recording, and years of international touring under his belt, Elzhi has the focus and experience to conquer new levels of success as a solo artist and one of the greatest emcees.

In mid 2011 Elzhi released his eagerly anticipated mixtape, “Elmatic”, a homage to Nas’ widely praised debut “Illmatic”. With his positive image and undeniable talent, Elzhi is considered to be one of the greatest emcees in the world. As he moves forward, Elzhi will continue to build on his strong, international fan base.

Download “Elmatic” here –

Sunday September 11th @ Tone

Elzhi (Formerly of Slum Village/Detroit)
Supported by
Big Village Showcase
DJ’s Ology & Frenzie
Hosted by Hau (Koolism/Triple J)

Doors open 7.00pm
$25 + BF tickets through Moshtix or $35 on the door
Tickets on sale now –

VIDEO: ‘Still Shining” – a J Dilla Remembrance Documentary

Created in 2006, this remembrance piece is created as a tribute to the memory and legacy of James “J.Dilla” Yancey. This is a piece designed for his fans and supporters who knew of his accomplishments before February 2006 and those that have grown to appreciate his genius. Here, we gain a greater insight and understanding about our musical icon.

Image by sleepy.days via Flickr

Directed by: Brian “B.Kyle” Atkins / Gifted Films Inc

J.Dilla is Still Shining.

(2:55) – Work Ethic Starts In The Basement
(7:35) – What To Listen For in A Dilla Beat
(9:10) – J.Dilla’s Range As A Producer. The King of Reinvention
(12:16) – Going Beyond His Influences
(14:39) – The Dilla Approach To Production
(20:21) – Jay The Producer vs Jay The MC
(26:08) – The Personal Side of J.Dilla
(29:04) – A Soldier Unstoppable!
(32:05) – Venturing Out. (as explained by Phat Kat)
(33:59) – Heading Home… Job Well Done.
(34:48) – We Salute You.


J Dilla aka Jay Dee R.I.P

On Saturday Febuary 13th, 2010 Stussy celebrated the life of brilliant hip hop producer and rapper James “J Dilla” Yancey, by releasing a limited edition tee shirt produced in conjunction with Stones Throw and the Dilla Estate. for more details.

Part #1

Part one of a three part documentary on J Dilla

Part #2

Part two of a three part documentary focusing on J Dilla’s life in Los Angeles.

Part #3

Part three of a three part documentary focusing on J Dilla’s life in Los Angeles.

Jay Electronica Podcast: Worldwide With Gillies Peterson

Jay Electronica! Definitely a talent. He always has plenty to say in the lab, on the mic & in this podcast session with Gilles Peterson for Wordwide in England.

I been following his work for a while but have a new found respect after listening to his discussions with Gilles on everything from the current state of Hip Hop,sampling, Erykah Badu‘s jokes, the Detroit ‘music scene’, Dilla to Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Download + Sign up to Gilles P’s Pod casts here

J DILLA Birthday Fund-raiser: THE GENIUS OF J DILLA Vol. 3 (Sun Feb 20,4–10pm @ Ching-a-lings)

The Main Ingredients, Grindin’ & Ay Caramba Presents:


Volume 3

Sunday 20th February

4pm – 10pm


133 Oxford St, Darlinghurst

$10 minimum donation on the door!

Jay Dee aka J Dilla born James Dewitt Yancey, was one of the few artists whose records were bought on sight, played until digested and then discussed among fans and critics.

He kept Hip Hop relevant long after many of its greatest heroes had left it for dead, at least creatively and is often described as “your favourite producers favourite producer”. There are many talented beat makers and producers, but there will only be one J Dilla!

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of his untimely death ‘The Main Ingredients’ celebrates the music of J Dilla paying homage to the man who shaped a new sound for Hip Hop that inspired beatsmiths, MC’s and music lovers around the globe.

Shortee Blitz (UK) /

Naiki / Ology / Jonah / Shantan Wantan

Ichiban / Sonny Syah

Hosted by Kween G (KillaQueenz)




It’s time to make some noise for one of the pioneers of the Neo Soul movement – ERYKAH BADU! From the lady that brought us classics like “Didn’t Cha Know”, “Bag Lady”, “I Want You”, “Ye-Yo”, “On&On”, “Tyrone” and “Love of My Life (Hip Hop)”, Erykah Badu has made an indelible mark in the music industry not only as a creative genius, but as an original artist in a league of her own.  Badu seamlessly fuses organic sounds of  African rhythms, to Hip Hop, to Jazz, Soul to Funk. As a mother, singer/songwriter, producer and entertainer she can hypnotize an audience without the overbearing  trait of preaching a movement – she just lives it.

After rumours of having been denied to perform for Peats Ridge Festival 09/10, a petition has been created via Facebook to let major promoters know that there is a fanbase in Australia. The petition aims to make some waves in the industry with the desired outcome of a future Australian tour! Her new album NEW AMERYKAH Pt.II: Return of the Ankh will be released on the 25th of February, 2010 which sees her collaborate with multiple artists from Jay Electronica, 9th Wonder, Shafiq Husayn of SA RA, Madlib, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Lil Wayne and Bilal to name a few. Honorable mention goes to J DILLA for the use of his production  beyond the grave in the collaboration track entitled ‘LOVE’.

The Erykah Badu petition in essence is all about music – her music, and the heart of the petition is YOU – her fans. Music is our universal language. You know it. I know it. It’s that knowing smile we’ve all experienced. Sometimes we wish the world could take it’s time with us. But it doesn’t. Music is the only thing that can make us take control and say ‘world, you gotta wait…cos my jams on!’

It’s the tingles, the goosebumps, it’s the headnod, it’s the smile….it’s losing ourselves in the moment….it just is.

Music speaks, moves, inspires, instills faith, HEALS and encourages strength through boldness!!


Join the Facebook petition by clicking on the link below and help make some noise by being apart of this cause:


Our efforts combined can make it happen – this is not possible without YOU! Let’s make some noise!!

Download the mixtape below!

Soul Symphony II: An Ode to Erykah Badu mixed by Kavi-R

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Mixed simply for the love of Good Music and BADUIZM!

Excerpt from Kavi R’s website: This mix was crafted with love and respect for the artist. All songs are played at their original tempo. “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit”! Ditto! if you’re digging my mixes, positive feedback is warmly received. I’m extremely passionate about exploring and exposing uncommon underground quality music. I rarely hear this music on the radio, in the clubs or see it on tv. It’s up to us individuals to keep the Funk alive!

Why I mix the way I do…I’m an old school DJ that believes in utilizing every feature of the “1s & 2s”, “Wheels Of Steel”…Turntables! Mixing, remixing, scratching and juggling two copies are all part of the DJ / Hip Hop art form and culture that I grew up with.

Download Part 1

Track Listing:

1. The Healer – Erykah Badu
2. Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop) – ft. Common
3. Think Twice – Erykah Badu
4. Sometimes – Erykah Badu
5. Sometimes (Mix #9) – Erykah Badu

6. Back In The Day (Puff) – Erykah Badu
7. Soldier – Erykah Badu
8. Erykah Badu – Apple Tree
9. Erykah Badu – I Want You

Download Part 2

Part #2 Track Listing:

1. Southern Girl – Erykah Badu ft. Rahzel
2. Southern Girl – Kavi-R remix
3. Danger – Erykah Badu ft. China Black
4. Real Thang – Erykah Badu
5. Drama – Erykah Badu
6. On & On – Erykah Badu
7. You Got Me – The Roots ft. Erykah Badu
8. Otherside Of The Game – Erykah Badu
9. Time’s a Waistin’ – Erykah Badu
10. Certainly – Erykah Badu

Check out more Soul & Hip Hop mixes by Kavi-R at myspace, facebook or at his website

And on a side note….

There’s an interesting buzz now here in Sydney with the Place of Public Entertainment law (PoPE) finally being abolished. Do yourself a favour and be aware just how much our city will awaken from its slumber in the next couple of months. Walking around town Sunday evening past several cafes and pubs along Broadway, I found more live music on street corners than I had seen in a long while. There was an air of vibrancy that seemed to lightly hang upon the stillness of our sleeping streets. I felt the city had held its tired breath and finally exhaled this thick air of  inspiration that seemed to linger, where all I could hear and see were smiling faces appreciative of being in the presence of live music again. It felt good! Why? Our musical culture is back!

This is what it’s all about – a culture! Sydney is changing and it’s changing for the better and it’s up to you – the person, to maintain this culture. In order to cultivate this live culture, we must be steadfast at supporting local artists and live bands, spreading the word by mouth, supporting your scene and supporting venues and promoters that make it all possible for our enjoyment.

A change soon come…..