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~ Performing his critically acclaimed album “Dr. Octagonecologyst” in full at OXFORD ART FACTORY on Thursday 12th July ~

How bizarre do you like it? Does the idea of a half shark-alligator, half man appeal to you? How about a green, red, blue reindeer copulating with a buffalo-winged baboon? Got chimpanzee acne? Moose bumps? You need to see the doctor, fast.

Released in 1996, Dr. Octagon foretold the dense, challenging and intelligent future of underground and alternative hip hop on a single one-shot album. Dr. Octagon drew primarily on three talents, creating a veritable supergroup of unique talent. Kool Keith‘s enigmatic rambling verses embodied the lead character, Dr. Octagon, a pornographic physician of questionable ethics. Supplementing Keith’s schizophrenic rhymes, the Jimi Hendrix of wax, DJ Qbert, who had already spent over ten years redefining the place of the DJ in the world of hip hop. Joining these two experienced talents? A then relatively unknown producing talent going by the name of Dan the Automator.

We’ve spent considerable time convincing Kool Keith to bring back to life undoubtably the strangest persona in hip hop history. These shows are world exclusives with Dr. Octagonecologyst being performed in full as a live production only Kool Keith could envision.

GIVEAWAY: We have a double pass giveaway to the first person to email us at

MIXTAPE- HIP HOP: Way-2-Fonky Podcast #001 – DR Octagon AUS TOUR MIXTAPE BY DJ Frenzie (

MIXTAPE: HIP HOP: Way-2-Fonky Podcast #001 - Frenzie Goes Back To The Octagon by Way-2-Fonky

DJ Frenzie’s tribute to Dr. Octagon featuring Dr. Octagon, Kool Keith and Ultramagnetic MCs gems & original samples.

Blunted & Way-2-Fonky Presents Dr. Octagon performing “Dr. Octagonecologyst” in full on Thursday 12th July at Oxford Art Factory

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