MIX: Magda Bytnerowicz – Nobody gets to meet the Duke – May2012

May 2012 promo mix
Old E 800 (Omar-S remix) – Big Strick
Shadow Figures – Grey People ft Lee Crowe
Fort Green House – N.Y. House’n Authority
Liquid (Original Mix) – Dream 2 Science
Spray Paint – Gene Hunt
Anthony Shake Shakir Meets BBC
Glorious World – Johnwaynes
B1 – Appointment 004
Impressions of a Rainstorm – Levon Vincent
Braiden – The Alps
Soundscape (Intricate mix) – Kosmic Messenger
Meeting da Duke – DJ Duke
Rubick’s CubeDrexciya
A Fish Scene – DJ Du Jour

“Nobody gets to meet the Duke – May2012” by Magda Bytnerowicz is licensed under a Creative Commons License

From Hip Hop to House THE MOTOR CITY DETROIT HAS YOU COVERED! Terrence Parker IN tHE HOUSE THIS Sat 5th Nov

What more can be said about this cat? At Soul Of Sydney, we think Terrence Parker is the DJ’s DJ ! The DJ that Detroit legends like Jeff Mills, DJ Bone, Derrick May & Juan Attkin would go to see. Coming to Australia for the first time, Terrence brings skills that very few dj’s possess, and an ability to rock a dance floor no matter what style of music he plays.

Check TP in action dropping some Hip Hop in Japan.


And the DEMF clip!

Catch him playing this Saturday at Civic Hotel

FB link for tickets and Info

Terrence Parker Classic Disco Mix Show # 105



1. Midnight Express Show Band – “Let Us Take You For A Ride” – Promo
2. First Choice – “The Player” – Philly Groove Records
3. Incredible Bongo Band – “Apache” – Alpha Omega
4. Cheryl Lynn – “Got To Be Real” – Columbia
5. Yaz – “Situation” – Sire
6. Goucho – “Dance Forever” – System Music
7. Pure Gold – “Into The Night” – Z
8. Quincy Jones – “Stuff Like That” – A&M
9. Tom Brown – “Fungi Mama” – CBS
10. Cameo – “It’s Serious” – Casablanca
11. Michael Jackson – “Billie Jean” (acapella) – Promo
12. Gino Soccio – “Try It Out” – Atlantic
13. Double Exposure -“Everyman” (Joe Clausell Dub mix) – Salsoul
14. Active Force – “Give Me Your Love” – A&M
15. Al Kent – “Down To Me” – Promo
16. B.T. Express – “Express” – Roadshow
17. Chaka Khan – “Clouds” – Warner Brothers
18. Visual – “Somehow, Someway” – Prelude
19. New York Community Choir – “Express Yourself” – RCA
20. First Choice – “Let No Man Put Asunder” – Salsoul
21. Reel People featuring Tony Momrelle – “Love Is Where You Are” (Reel People Club Mix) – Papa
22. Gary’s Gang – “Let’s Lovedance Tonight” – Columbia
23. My Mine – “Hypnotic Tango” – Blow Up
website: http://www.terrenceparkermusic.com
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialTerrenceParkerMusic
twitter: http://www.twitter.com/terrenceparker
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/terrenceparker
blog: http://www.terrenceparker.blogspot.com

Catch TP dropping the classic Disco LOVE next Saturday5th Oct @ Civic Hotel


I was introduced to Alphatown collective many years back when the duo was warming up for Derrick May‘s & Biz-E on a Wednesday night at Gas Nightclub. From memory their set that night was very drum machine driven dance floor orientated techno. There sound in the studio and live shows have really emerged to incorporate the deeper & melodic shades of electronic music over the years & it inspirational to see quality music getting played and made so close to home.

Check out this Deep Tribal Inspired House & Techno set.

It was Friday the 13th and Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter were in alignment. In keeping with the general ‘vibe’ we combined some Vorheesian tones with a cameo appearance from Caleban, an extra-dimensional being who recently made our acquaintance. Enjoy!


Track of the Day: Seven Grand Housing Authority – Loves Got Me High (Terrence Parker live in Sydney Sat Oct 4th @ Civic Hotel)

Thomas paine's photo montage of Detroit pics a...

Deep Soulful HOUSE music bliss from way back in 1996 by Detroit Legend Terrence Parker  who is in town next weekend playing an extended set at Manhattan Lounge Sydney CBD.

Be sure to check out the gig Saturday 24th Sept presented
More details: Facebook 


Our House Sydney presents ALTON MILLER (DETROIT, USA) Sunday April 24th

Our House Sydney returns on Sunday Easter long weekend with one of the true pioneers of House music, ALTON MILLER (DETROIT, USA). Visiting Australia for the first time in over 10 years, the man from the motor city will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Detroit’s legendary club ‘The Music Institute’ which he co-founded with George Baker and Chez Damier. http://vanguardsound.com/id25.html

Alton’s trip downunder also coincides with the release of his latest album, ‘Light Years Away’ which has been critically acclaimed by the likes of Osunlade, Atjazz, and Boddhi Satva. http://mixedsignals.ca/#/-in-the-house-canada

Our underground sanctuary to celebrate this special occasion will be The Manhattan Lounge, 58 Elizabeth St Sydney and will be powered by the warmth of our Turbo Sound PA system.

Local supports include Phil Toke, Michael Zac and Eadie Ramia.

Limited $20 pre sale tickets are available from www.ourhousesydney.com. Strictly limited capacity so get in quick.

A recent mix of Alton’s —–>

Alton Miller Cluberia Podcast

Alton Miller live@ Staple San Fran 01/15/00 160 min

Alton Miller Movement Detorit Mix from Deep House Pages


A preview of his critically acclaimed latest Album ‘In Light Years’

Growing up in the 1970s, Miller soaked up the musical environment surrounding him in the Motor City, taking a particular interest in the sounds of Motown, Philadelphia, Parliament-Funkadelic, and Santana. It was during the early ’80s once the “dance music crazed” Alton became friends with a young Derrick May that he decided to start spinning records, citing Chicago DJs such as Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles as prime influences. By the latter part of the same decade, Miller joined forces with George Baker and Chez Damier to start the Music Institute, a short-lived but legendary Detroit club that has since become near-mythical, thanks to the pioneering techno efforts of figures such as May. Following the demise of The Music Institute, Miller took an interest in Conga drumming in addition to DJing, which led to a period between 1989 and 1991 where he toured the world with his music. He then joined forces once again with May, first as an employee of the artist’s Transmat Records label, then as Aphrodisiac, the title under which he would begin releasing his music. Besides his EP on Transmat’s sublabel Fragile, he also released his music on Kevin Saunderson‘s KMS and a series of EPs on Serious Grooves. By the mid to late ’90s, he had increased his presence in the Detroit area through a number of DJ performances and a stream of stunning twelves. His latest album ‘Light Years Away’ had been critically acclamied by the likes of Osunlade, Atjazz and Boddhi Satva