SYDNEY FUNK SOUL: DOJO CUTS Easy To Come Home on MTV! (Record Kicks)


Absolutely LOVIN’ this new cut from Sydney’s own DOJO CUTS featuring Roxie Ray on Vocals, cant wait to check out the rest of the album. We also pats on the back to them for get such good local music on rotation at MTV and getting some serious air play on Australian Air-waves too.

Links to download it together with the full album “Take from me” and many more gems like this from DOJO + RECORD KICKS check out the links below to stay updated because they are supporting some seriously dope local bands like DOJO cuts!


“Funky and sultry in equal measures, this is a one fabulous album!” Craig Charles (The Craig Charles Funk&Soul Show – BBC6)

The album has what every great soul record should have and more. Great Feeling, Great Grooves, and Lots and Lots Of Soul” Neal Sugarman (Daptone Records | The Dap-Kings)

“Amazing authentic Funk from Sydney, with the unique and instantly recognizable vocals of Roxie Ray” Dj Snowboy (Blues&Soul Magazine)


SYDNEY SOUL & FUNK: Dojo Cuts feat. Roxie Ray – Take From Me (NEW RELEASE)

Sydney soul/funk outfit DOJO CUTS return with a super soulful second album entitled “Take From Me”, once again featuring the sizzling, smoky vocals of Miss Roxie Ray. This much anticipated follow-up to their debut full-length sees the band taking it back to the roots of soul, but at the same time giving a nod to contemporary funk. With the liner notes written by Russ Dewbury (A Night At The Jazz Rooms) and the support of the entire Daptone Records family aka Gabriel Roth, Neal Sugarman and Homer Steinwess, this Aussie outfit prepares for what is without a doubt a significant step forward in the band’s musical journey.

This is the album where all of Dojo Cuts’ experience and hard work reaches its deeply soulful zenith, with mellow moments – such as in “I’d Rather Go Blind”, “I Can Give” and title track “Take From Me”, as well as gritty straight-up funk pieces like “Mamacita”, “Sonny’s Strut” or the Marva Whitney & James Brown classic “What Do I Have To Do”. Add to that some slices of feel-good crossover soul such as in “My Lovin’ Is All About You” and first single “Easy To Come Home”, and the result is a guaranteed instant classic! The secret is out indeed, Dojo Cuts are ready to rock your world!



What The World Needs Now Preorder


To learn more about Dr. Wong  the Beth Isreal Deaconess Center, visit More on what this means to Daptone from the man himself, Neal Sugarman:

“This disease has impacted my family in a very deep way over the past year and I am very proud to offer our fans an opportunity to help Daptone Records raise money for a great organization. Dr Wong’s foundation is in the forefront of research in this field, which seems to be our best chance at a long term cure for this deadly disease.

*LP includes coupon for MP3 download.

You know that little something you’ve been missing but can’t quite wrap your noodle around what in the world it could be? This is something of an epidemic here in sunny Bushwick Brooklyn, and if the fan mail and phone calls don’t deceive, which they never do – this is happening worldwide folks. But don’t waste another second pondering this proverbial hole in your SOUL, because Daptone has the solution. After years of research, 10 to be exact, it came to our attention that everyone’s favorite funky instrumentalists, The Sugarman 3 hadn’t released a new LP in some time.

Well, of course!!! How could we have been so neglectful to our fans? Within hours of this epiphany Daptone Brass had the boys back in the studio. With only 8 tape tracks, a handful of peanuts, and a bottle of high proof Dutch Schnapps these gentlemen flexed their musical maturity – writing and tracking the entire album in 4 days. There were tears shed, and blood spilled over those four fateful sessions, but we’re happy to report that what went down is some of the finest instrumental tunes ever laid to tape. Dig the masterful renditions of favorites such as: The Bacharach penned opus, and title track of the album “What the World Needs Now Is Love.” – Quite a fitting title considering this record is practically saving the world from incomplete-itis. As well as JJ Jackson’s SOUL classic “It’s Alright” – and for all you Bean Town enthusiasts, “Dirty Water” by the Standells (take it easy Mr. + Mrs. Know-it-alls, we know they’re from LA).

The digitial download(FLAC/mp3) will be available on the release date 05/15/2012.