Documentary: Gil Scott Heron : The Godfather of Rap? BBC Interviews Mos Def, Chuck D on what he meant to them and Rap music.

De ware Wax Poet is dood: Gil Scott-Heron

Image by Marco Raaphorst via Flickr

The poet, author and musician is credited with being one of the unsung founding fathers of rap. How much do you know about Gil Scott-Heron?
Back in the 1970’s Gil Scott-Heron pioneered hip hop with lyrics on drug abuse, politics and apartheid. He still influences artists like Kanye, Common and The Game.1Xtra’s MistaJam takes us through the highs and lows of Gil’s extraordinary life from classic songs like “The Revolution will not be Televised” and “The Bottle” to the time he spent in jail.

Mos Def, Chuck D and Ty tell us why his music and message is still relevant today and Bashy hears Gil’s music for the first time.