MIX: Magda Bytnerowicz – Nobody gets to meet the Duke – May2012

May 2012 promo mix
Old E 800 (Omar-S remix) – Big Strick
Shadow Figures – Grey People ft Lee Crowe
Fort Green House – N.Y. House’n Authority
Liquid (Original Mix) – Dream 2 Science
Spray Paint – Gene Hunt
Anthony Shake Shakir Meets BBC
Glorious World – Johnwaynes
B1 – Appointment 004
Impressions of a Rainstorm – Levon Vincent
Braiden – The Alps
Soundscape (Intricate mix) – Kosmic Messenger
Meeting da Duke – DJ Duke
Rubick’s CubeDrexciya
A Fish Scene – DJ Du Jour

“Nobody gets to meet the Duke – May2012” by Magda Bytnerowicz is licensed under a Creative Commons License


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My Boo (CeCe Peniston song)

My Boo (CeCe Peniston song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Playlist :
Ce Ce Peniston – Finally
Rare Earth – Happy Song Or Dance (Edit)/Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Victor Rosado Tracks Live Mix)
Virgo – Mechanically Replayed
Mission Control – Outer Limits
PM Dawn – Watcher’s Point of View (Todd Terry Mix)
Voyage – Lady America
The Prince Of Dance Presents Sunday Adams – (Oohh Ohh Ah Ha) I Wanna Feel It!
Petra & Co – Just Let Go (Dub)
?? – ??
Moby – Go
Moby – Mobility
Adamski – Killer
Urban Soul – Alright
Toxic Two – Rave Generator
Smallage – Together


Mix- Prosumer – Louche Podcast – 21-10-2011

Mix- Prosumer – Prosumer (Ostgut Ton/Playhouse) – Special Wild Mix – October 2009

Some might take the fact that we haven’t done a party since last July as definitive proof (as if it were needed) that CO-OP is run by a couple of sun-fearing ex-pats who couldn’t possibly venture out over the summer months. However, we’d like to offer an alternative explanation for our tardiness – we don’t really like to do things for the sake of it. Its why we’re only up to our ninth showcase event in over two and a half years and also, quite probably, why we’ve been lucky enough to declare a decent number of those sell outs.

As for what’s next and whether it’ll be any good, you should probably decide, we’re a little biased. We’ll deliver a revered international headliner playing an extended set in an intimate venue on an impeccable sound-system, but then you knew that already – how the rest of this thing plays out is really up to you, dear Dancers.So join the CO-Operative after dark once more, as we welcome nothing less than a legendary figure from Berlin’s electronic underbelly to Sydney for the very first time – Panorama Bar resident, Ostgut Ton stalwart and all round lord of the dance Prosumer. For an extended set. In a sub-250 capacity basement. With a Klipsch system. We could also detail how those CO-OP DJ types will be warming things up impeccably for our esteemed guest but then you may note our lying voice and pick holes in the rest of our surely too good to be true claims, which wouldn’t be ideal.

While we’re hoping the aforementioned party fundamentals tick a good number of boxes for the heads, we’d also like to think word of what and how we’ve done before will see us welcoming along others just looking to shake it out in good company with a no-nonsense soundtrack, regardless of whether they can quote the track-length of every Playhouse B-side. Of course, if you can do that on the night, especially after a few drinks, you’ll be rewarded with some sort of shiny badge.

Our man Achim Brandenburg AKA Prosumer has been playing his own blend of House, Techno and far beyond since the late 90s, strongly influenced by the staples of Detroit, Chicago and New York but always open to the left-of-centre and forward-of-thought sounds that add a new level of intrigue and interest to something more traditional. Its this personal touch which has seen Prosumer reach such high regard with punters and peers alike as one of Panorama Bar’s key residents. No doubt he doesn’t give a fuck about polls, but for your reference he came in at #40 on RA’s Top 100 DJs countdown for 2011 and his second home Berghain/Panorama Bar made it to #6 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs countdown. He’s got pedigree, is what we’re getting at.

Our venue of choice for CO-OP’s ninth life is one we’ve used before, albeit under a different name – remember Motor City Drum Ensemble at The Vault, anyone? You know, the one where he locked his records in the hotel? Well, that’s where we’re headed, its just that its now known as One22. Its still a cosy basement in the heart of the city with reasonably priced drinks and a noticeable absence of Kings Cross-itis, but has been given a tune-up (system et al) for re-launch and is now attracting the best possible heat from Sydney’s clubbing fraternity with a solid weekly line-up of local and international talent.

As usual, Resident Advisor is your ticket to ride for our latest showcase so off you go. No, not that way, there, that’s it. Buy now or pay (more) later. An email to co_op_club@hotmail for limited discount issues may also pay dividends if dispatched in timely fashion. Then again, it may not, we’re all about the drama…


EARLY RAVE, DEEP HOUSE, TECHNO: 808 State – Pacific 303 (RARE 303 RELEASE)

Roland TR-808 Rhythm ComposerWhen it comes to earthy electronic music.. does it get finer than this by British electronic outfit 808 State.. really digging this 303 version of their signature tune Pacific.

A ‘Summer of Love’ warehouse classic originally released way back in 1989 & still as Deep and Soulful as electronic music will get, an absolute masterpiece of electronic music for mine.

ACID TECHNO CHICAGO HOUSE: HAHA Industries UTR#13 Warehouse Party feat. D&D (HAHA) + African drum set by Malik + HAHA Industries Podcast.

See you on the floor for this one kids… a night of classic techno, acid house and afro inspired electronica thanks to Sydney Warehouse rockinig HAHA

HAHA’s own D&D (Dean Dixon & Dave Fernandes) all night birthday Dj set
African drum set by Malik Senegal

Live illustrations by Paul Abstruse;

BYO / 10PM

Tickets $20 – on sale now;

It is time to not only celebrate the safe return of all our fine troops but also to raise our glasses in honour of one of our militia’s top commanders. On this night we would like to help commemorate yet another year on this fine wonderful planet for none other than Lieutenant Fernandes.

To help celebrate, our new allies, the ZULU WARRIORS have been asked to perform a unique and empowering number of their warrior chant dance numbers live in the flesh with nothing else to derive the sounds but their hand made drums and their voices to energetically get us all up on our feet wailing the night away!

WE ASSURE YOU… these warriors will set your feet on fire!

And to help us maintain the velocity of our feet on the night, our Reception Marshals have asked Lieutenant Dave Fernandes himself as well as Lieutenant Dean Dixon to take to manning the wheels of our tanks, to spin the dials of our operating systems and to pull the triggers of our anti-aircraft guns to help us light up the night in fine fashion and with an artistry of noises to have each and every single one of you beating your chests, pounding those terrifying thoughts of battle out, and reaching for that starry night sky!

CHICAGO HOUSE CLASSIC: Adonis – We’re Rockin Down The House (Original Trax Record Version)

Adonis – We’re Rockin Down The House

Another classic 303 cut by Adonis on Trax Records.

Whenever I hear this I always think back to the times I heard Simon Caldwell drop this one at Mad Racket on the wooden dancefloor at Marrckville Bowling Club Sydney, it has been a while since I been to one of their parties but they always deliverd with the music, one of the few parties still flying the flag for chicago & deep house sounds  in Sydney.

Rockin’ Down The House (Toby Tobias & Hardway Bros Re-edit)

I also been hearing this re-edit around in mixes and on dancefloors a bit, remixed as part of the Trax Re-edited selection featuring edits by Greg Wilson, Leftside Wobble, Leo Zero, JD Twitch, Andy Blake, Swag, Ray Mang, Justin Harris, Neville Watson and more

Released by: Harmless
Release date: Feb 7, 2011


CLASSIC CHICAGO HOUSE: Lil Louis – French Kiss

There is only one Lil Louis!

Chicago based DJ and producer.

One of the most popular Chicago house producers during the late ’80s thanks to his massive club hit “French Kiss“, Lil’ Louis was also the only Chicago producer to successfully deal with the major labels; he released two albums for Epic, and only left the label at his own instigation. Born in Chicago, Louis was the son of guitarist Bobby Sims, who recorded for Chess and appeared with the psychedelic-soul unit Rotary Connection. He grew up with nine siblings and played both drums and bass as a child, then began DJing in the mid-’70s (he earned his nickname after appearances at the club River’s Edge while still in middle school). By the end of the decade he had his own club, the Future, where he began working on his editing techniques, thanks to a cassette deck and later a reel-to-reel recorder.
By the 1980s, Lil’ Louis was hosting the biggest house parties in Chicago, and he began recording his productions around that time as well. His first single “How I Feel” appeared on his own label, and he began collaborating with Marshall Jefferson on several tracks – “Seven Ways to Jack” by Hercules, Byron Stingily‘s “I Can’t Stay Away”. In 1987, his new single “French Kiss” became a local hit, then a platinum-selling international classic after being licensed to CBS and ffrr. The success triggered a major-label contract through Epic, and the release of his debut album “From the Mind of Lil’ Louis” in 1989. Charting a course across jazz-fusion and R&B as well as house, the LP was one of the best produced by any of the Chicago figures, and included session contributions from Larry Heard, Die Warzau and his own father on drums. From the album, the moody single “I Called U” became another club hit. His follow-up LP, the more stylistically unified “Journey with the Lonely”, didn’t fare as well and Lil’ Louis retired from recording for over four years, preferring instead to set up his own studio in New York and work on production with Babyface and Me’Shell Ndegeocello. He returned by collaborating with “Little” Louie Vega of Masters At Work and also worked on production for Black Magic.

Download: Lil Louis French Kiss (original)

Download: Lil’ Louis- “French Kiss” (Backup Your Conversation)

More rare versions and dope write up on Lil Louis @ Hashmoder online.

ACID HOUSE CLASSIC: Maurice Joshua – This is Acid (TRAX)

Maurice JoshuaThis is Acid (TRAX)

(Download RARE Original ACID MIX)

In the 1980s, Joshua was active as a DJ and producer in the early days of the house music scene. His earliest productions were released on the Trax Records label. In the early 1990s, Joshua began producing remixes of songs by artists like Ce Ce Peniston, Malaika and many pop artists, including Michael Jackson. He continues to remix to this day.

Joshua is best known for his 1989 number one Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart hit “This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze).” The hit version of this song was a remix by UK DJ Les Adams, who pitted its spoken male vocals by “Hot Hands Hula” Malone against a combination of regional house music sounds of the day, including samples of sirens and sexual screaming voices in the background.

Joshua’s most famous production work was with Kim English and pop group Destiny’s Child. His partnership with the group’s leader Beyoncé was compared to the partnership of Mariah Carey and David Morales, because like Carey and Morales, Joshua and Beyoncé often work closely together to have Beyoncé re-sing her vocals for club mix version of her hit singles.[citation needed] At The 46th Annual Grammy Awards 2004, his remix of Beyoncé’s massive hit “Crazy in Love“, known as “Krazy in Luv (Maurice’s Nu Soul remix)” won Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical.

Also found this little remix by local DJ, Remixer & Producer OzYBoY

Maurice -This is Acid (2008 DJ OZYBOY Latino Remix)