Classic Disco & Early House Mix: Legends of the dance floor: Larry Levan 1979 Full 5 hour show on BBC Radio 6

In a fitting tribute to for Keith Haring on his 54th birthday today, we bring you a super rare 5 hour Larry Levan interview & mix hosted on BBC radio 6.


Prince Sydney Tour Tribute: Prince – The One (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Remix)

With Prince embarking on his Australian Tour this year, we thought it would be appropriate to post a remix of his track “The One”. Its difficult to remix a Prince track and leave it having some dignity, but Timmy Regisford and Adam Rios do a great job here.

For tickets to Prince’s Australian Tour go to

CLASSIC MIX EARLY HOUSE DISCO: Larry Levan Live @ The Paradise Garage, New York (Early 80s)

▶ Larry Levan Live @ The Paradise Garage, New York (Early 80s)


DEEP SOULFUL TRIBAL: River Ocean (Feat. India) – Love & Happiness (MAW Original Extended Mix)

DEEP SOULFUL TRIBAL HOUSE from River Ocean featuring one of the finest voices to ever grace a House or Latin record.

Absolute HOUSE MUSIC Bliss from River Ocean & India!

CLASSIC HOUSE MIX: Frankie Knuckles – Live At The Gallery 21 (Chicago / 1987)

shot in chicago

shot in chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

45mn oldschool session live from Chicago.

01. K.I.D. – Hupendi Muziki Wangu? ! (You Don’t Like My Music)
02. James Wells – True Love Is My Destiny
03. Exodus – Together Forever
04. Change – Glow Of Love
05. Ian DurySpasticus Autisticus
06. Mike T – Do It Anyway You Wanna
07. Don Ray – Standing In The Rain
08. General Johnson – Can’t Nobody Love Me Like You Do
09. Trussel – Love Injection

Thanks to Lobbykiller, ALX & Jacob for completing the playlist and bozman for sharing.


Danny Tenaglia Retirement

Posted on April 21, 2012.

Seems apt that the recent retirement of techno/progressive DJ and producer Danny Tenaglia, has seen the photos of his rather unique and expensive loft from 2010 rise again online.

Included are images of over 20,000 vinyls, a 1 ton dub plate machine and many other quirky bits and pieces.

Also posted on the original Deep Absurdum are comments from Danny himself which are worth a chuckle or two.

As spoken by Danny Tenaglia:

“Welcome to the headquarters of DTour Inc., Be Yourself Int. and Stay Tuned Productions.  We have been here since 2001 & I am finally sharing my very private happy space with all of my friends, peers, mentors, colleagues, and fans as well.”

“This is my favorite shot as the lens captured 3 of the 4 stacks. I decided to paint them white and it gave an entirely new energy to the room. It’s all about energy! :-)

Although I do still have all six stacks from the original Shelter, Vinyl, Body & Soul system, I only have four on because 6 would BE way too much! :-0 I can almost hear the Perfect Thunder of The Bass just by looking at this photo! It truly sounds phenomenal. Imagine me preparing my sets here …. and how spoiled I must BE? :-/ ji ji”

“The Disco Ball went up Five Years after me being up here. It was a present to me from Kevin McHugh! The lights on top of the record shelves are now mounted into the ceiling. I sit in that chair under the ball facing the windows and I always wonder if this ball will one day fall right on my head and do me in for good ?? :-0 And what would the newspaper headlines say? LOL”

“records records records and about 20,000 records . . . . . . . . There will never BE enough time to listen to them all . . . .”

“Yes, an original Scully Lathe/Acetate/Dub Plate machine. It weighs almost 1000 pounds and it was nearly impossible to get it delivered up here because we have no elevator. Imagine 4 delivery men screaming their way up the stairs for almost 2 hours! 1 – 2 – 3 AHHHHhhHH!!!!! LOL

Did I forget to mention the fantastic Paradise Garage Neon Sign – designed by PONS! :-)

“This side rack has DJ mixers that I’ve collected since the 70′s including an original silver face 1975 Bozak. There is also a Power Mixer, Sound Workshop, Vestax, Rane, Pioneer 800, Pioneer 1000, a custom mixer designed by Marshak Audio which blends UREI & BOZAK all sitting in there like a Museum. THE MAIN MIXER ON SYSTEM OUTSIDE IS A UREI – Naturally! :)

Top left is the original Bozak! 1975! I was 14 years old! (( ouch ))”

“This record explosion is from a couple of years ago. This went on to become the Pro-Tools studio but ultimately became our main office where Bossman Kevin now sits with our chief assistant & dear friend: Alex Perez. All those records are up on IKEA Shelves in a closet.”

“This is my office (and our lounge) that is adjoined with Kevin & Alex’s office, and the other side is the big main boom boom room! And now you all know where all my coins went !!! I’z got good ta$te yo! LOL”

“This is Burchan’s Paradise! We give him water and feed him twice daily with 3 bathroom breaks only! :-xI call him THE BURPORT MASTER!! But we have other secret sources too! ;-x

I love these chairs. They are very JFK Biz Class lounge, Circa 1967! Behind the orange wall (to the right) is the recording studio.”

“This is where we made Futurism, Space Dance and loads of Edits & Mashups with lots more to come.

Some of my old school gear. So much of it is “plug ins” these days AND YES, That is the original Artwork from above the entrance of 6 Hubert Street. Awwww …. :-/”

“This Space Ship Custom DJ booth is now in storage! No one wants to buy it :-(LOL”

“The Legendary Roofus! LOL Roofus was named Roofus by Hitch-hiking to Vinyl on a few occasions on top of the H2 Hummer! Tourist would even stop to take pics! LOL”

CHICAGO HOUSE CLASSIC: Colonel Abrams – Trapped (1985)

Colonel Abrams moved with his family to New York City when he was ten years old due to his father (a construction worker) getting a job there. The family moved to the East Village in Manhattan on East 13 Street. From an early age, he began playing the guitar and piano. He was in several early bands, among them was Heavy Impact which he played both guitar and keyboards, Joe Webb (guitar), Lemar Washington (guitar), Marston Freeman (bass guitar), Ronald Simmons (drums), and Barbara Mills (saxophone). Later he formed Conservative Manor (mid-1970s), 94 East (the band featuring Prince on lead guitar), and the New Jersey band Surprise Package.

Hits in the mid-1980s including “Leave the Message Behind the Door” and “Music Is the Answer” established him as a solo artist, initially in Europe and later in the US.[2] In 1985 he signed to Steven Machat”s Label/Production company, AMI. Machat, who was working with the New Zealand producer Richard Burgess and hired him against conventional wisdom to produce Colonel Abrams for his company the album Colonel Abrams. Machat then talked MCA into signing the Colonel recordings to have them released throughout the world. AMI also at this time had Ready for the World and the New Edition/Bobby Brown with MCA. This collaboration with the British producer Richard James Burgess produced the hits “Trapped“, “I’m Not Gonna Let You” and urban contemporary ballad “Table for Two”.

“Trapped” reached the top five and went gold in the UK Singles Chart and topped the U.S. Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1985,[3] followed by the Colonel Abrams album, which spent two weeks at number one the following year. It was estimated by the Phonographic Association that “Trapped” sold over 5 million copies worldwide by spring 1987. An electronic remix of “Trapped” was later released in 1995 by Boards of Canada under the pseudonym Hell Interface. A new version of “Trapped” (“Trapped 2006”) was released in the UK.

“I’m Not Gonna Let You” also spent a week at number one in the dance chart in 1986. The album peaked at number 75 on the U.S. Billboard 200 albums chart and number 13 on the U.S. Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Abrams had a number of entries on the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart in the 1980s and 1990s, including four entries that hit number one. In 1987 he had his fourth number-one U.S. dance hit with “How Soon We Forget“, the same year that he released his second album, You and Me Equals Us.

On January 9, 2007, Colonel Abrams released the single “Just When You Thought.” It became the third single released on his own record label, Colonel Records, the others being “Heartbreaker” and “Let Us All Be Friends”. On April 2, 2007, Colonel also released a dance smash called “Never Be”. In 2007, Abrams released “Just Like Mathematics” and “True Stories”. . June 2008 saw the release of his single, “Only a Few”. The Colonel will be performing at the 80s Reunion in August 2011.

DEEP JAZZY SOULFUL HOUSE: Nina Simone – Here Comes The Sun (Francois K. Remix) + Sydney Gig Details

From the album Nina Simone Remixed and re imagined 2007 one of the finest DEEP remixes to drop in the last 10 years if you ask me and an absolute sonic delight to catch played on the right sound-system.