We love hearing new Sydney music, especially when it is from our good friends & creative fam.

Many will recognise Sam Hunter from various gigs we have all done together.. we all met a while ago through MIRRAH… he was her HYPE MAN, who popped up on stage as a guest a few times at our gigs as a teenager at some of those infamous GANG OF BROTHERS open mic NYD sessions & he has been one of a resident hosts on rotation at our own jams & DJ gigs over the last few years.

It’s been so mad to see this immensely talented, hard-working kid just grow in his craft, from emcee, singer, and musician away from hosting FUNK jams… the dude is such a mad creative force who is part of some pretty dope musical projects.

Check out this latest musical release he put out that hits right in the heart…. The a new release that came to fruition through some impromptu studio sessions in mid-2022 with MC SAM HUNTER, producer, Delipres, & vocalist JHELISA who all met through mutual friends & organically started to work on a few song ideas.. like it was all supposed to be.

Listen to the new release YOUTUBE & be sure to catch SAM HUNTER doing it live around town at his residency at HUSTLE & FLOW & a host of other venues.


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