BLOG – New Funk, Soul, Hip Hip Hop: BADGE and TALKALOT – FRAGMENTS OF THE SOUL ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow, Lisa Kekaula, Rahel, Amp Fiddler + more.

Really feeling the Badge and Talkalot project by DJ & Producer Gilberto Caleffi after hearing a few songs a few weeks ago on Craig Charles Funk & Soul radio show.

The latest release ‘Fragments Of The Soul‘ is such a powerful listen about touching stories of life, love, heartbreak, civil rights & social politics in America beautifully told by the likes of; Georgia Anne Muldrow, Lisa Kekaula, Kevin Mark Trail, Rahel, Neco Redd & Amp Fiddler, Pugs Atomz & Psalm One, and Ian Whitelaw who all feature immaculately on the release.

More Info:

Badge and Talkalot is the brainchild of Gilberto Caleffi, DJ and producer with an eclectic style that straddles the genres of funk, soul, hip hop, r&b.

The new album “Fragments Of The Soul” is about life, inner feelings and the outside world, social situation and racism exposed, hurt and loss. Events you can’t control that can shatter your soul. Then the need to overcome bad things, move on and evolve. Pick up the pieces and put them together again.

Moving from the totally vintage sound of the previous album, Gilberto reintroduces samples and electronics, funky guitars, piano and a broader range of featuring artists:
Georgia Anne Muldrow, Lisa Kekaula, Kevin Mark Trail, Rahel, Neco Redd & Amp Fiddler, Pugs Atomz & Psalm One, Ian Whitelaw and Adam Topol.

“Giving Up Your Ghost” is a previously unreleased song written by Ben Harper.


released April 17, 2020


Gilberto Caleffi: Sampling
Geoff Woolley: Keys

Kevin Mark Trail: Vocals on Evolution, Giving Up Your Ghost
Georgia Anne Muldrow: Vocals on The Situation, Showdown
Pugs Atomz: Vocals on One Nation
Psalm One: Vocals on One Nation
Rahel: Vocals on Long Time Gone, The Wire
Lisa Kekaula: Vocals on Can’t Find Your Love
Ian Whitelaw: Vocals on Help Me
Neco Redd: Vocals on Shameless
Adam Topol: Drums on Showdown, Can’t Find Your Love
Erio Simonini: Synth on The Wire

Mixed by Michele Pazzaglia
Mastered by Giovanni Versari
Produced by Geoff Woolley and Gilberto Caleffi

Artwork by Gilberto Caleffi
Original photo by Filip Bunkens


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