Gig News: Funk Da Bass feat. OYOBI y ODOYA | Fri June 21 at 505 | Live Afro Latin Roots Music.


FRIDAY JUNE 21 2019 – 7PM

at 505 in Surry Hills.

This is our pick for live music this Friday. Join the hometown hero’s OYOBI & ODOYA combine for a very special live performance at FUNK DA BASS for an excursion deep into AFRICAN & LATIN ROOTS, RHYTHMS & MUSIC and a touch of ELECTRIC flavours.

For anyone who hasn’t been the legends at FUNK DA BASS have been hosting this killer intimate LIVE MUSIC shows featuring some of the finest outfits in SYDNEY, this is one we highly recommended. Check out more of their events HERE & be sure to catch them doing it large this Friday.

All information is below on the facebook page |

O Y O B I Y O D O Y A’

Oyobi is a project that uses live instrumentation and machines to traverse the boundaries between Afro-Latin tradition and modern analog electronica. Their music is primal, raw, and highly improvised, with an unflinching streak of bending and breaking barriers. Consisting of uniquely created sounds and atmospheres, their performances use an array of synthesisers, drum machines, percussion and bass, to create compelling analog infused polyrhythms that explore the modern application of ancient folkloric traditions
Oyobi is Vincent Sebastian (electronics, drum machines, percussion), Adm Ventoura (bass), Planeface (synths) plus featured guests.


Honouring their Afro Latino ancestry, Maitê Inaê and Marina Da Silva present Odoyá
a greeting to the Orixá, goddess of the ocean Iemanjá. A tribute to the hidden stories from west Africa to the indigenous Indians of Brazil. Into the depths of the Slave Quarters. Experience the journey of story telling and spiritual manifestations of a History kept alive through the art of dance and song.
Odoyá is a multidimensional performance using elements of visual projections which hold images and video content of South America, Native Indigenous tribes, and sacred art. Exploring folkloric stories and sounds, and traditional dances.