VIVID PICKS: True Vibenation – Radiation Tour | feat. Mike Akox & Flywaves |June 6 at Oxford Arts

Another one of our recommendations for music this week featuring one of our favourite local collectives TRUE VIBENATION.


Vivid presents, the premiere of True Vibenation’s ‘I.D’ short film and EP at Oxford Art Factory on Thursday, June 6. The genre-bending afro-electronic project features dancer Thuba Ndibali with visuals from Dark Cinema, collaborating for a special one-off performance.

Conceived as both an EP and short film project in Western Sydney with Australian film maker Vanna Seang, since then True Vibenation have taken their genre bending afro-electronic sound across the world touring and playing festivals through Africa, Europe and Australia.

‘We want people to give people the courage to be different. No matter who you are you have to be proud of your self and who you are. This project is proudly afro-Australian and we want people to be proud to share their culture too.’

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Thuba’s knowledge and skills stretch from the ‘Pantsula’ style created in Johannesburg townships to ballet, contemporary dance and a myriad of styles in between. The result is a unique fusion that mirrors True Vibenation’s own genre-bending sounds. Combined with Dark Cinema’s ability to use lighting to set mood and alter space and the result is a ride that swings between moments of elation and sombre reflection.