Brown Sugar – Sydney’s Beloved Soul Cover Band Still Reigns Supreme

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I couldn’t imagine a world without Brown Sugar. Be it the divine goodness of nature’s organic sweetener, the sexiness of the song made famous by crooning superstar D’Angelo or the 6 piece multi-talented, electrifying and soulfully successful Sydney cover band of said name – either way you look at it, Brown Sugar turns the ordinary into something truly special.

Speaking to Deni Di Filippo, drummer, founding member and manager of Brown Sugar’s 6 outfit soul band, one can feel the immense pride and admiration he feels for his band, who have done the hard yards on the Sydney live music circuit for well over a decade now and show no signs of slowing down. As infectious and mesmerising as they were the first day they performed together, Brown Sugar continue to shine bright as their fan base grows on the daily. They are like the Pied Pipers of the live…

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