INTERVIEW: 5 Questions with Soul Singer Travis Lee

5 Questions with Soul Singer Travis Lee

Travis Lee is a soul singer who encapsulates the true epitome of what soul should be, he reigns from Brisbane and he first came into our radar when we were blown away by his track ‘Next 2 Me.’ Soul of Sydney sits down and asks Travis Lee 5 questions to get to know the artist a bit more ahead of his ‘Reflections’ EP, due to drop on the 7th November.

Who is your favourite local soul artist?

Local act would have to be ‘Jordan Rakei’; he has definitely captured a sound that emulates a lot of the greats such as D’angelo, Robert Glasper & Fat Freddy’s Drop. I really enjoy his music.

How did you first get into soul?

In essence I believe soul music has always been there for me growing up, but I think I began to gain a real love and appreciation for it when I started studying music.

What music do your parents listen to?

Dad & mum listened to so much different types of music from; Diana Ross, Eagles, Elton John, David Bowie, country music & traditional music.

If you weren’t singing what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t singing I would definitely be producing music which is my other passion.

Why should the world pay attention to Travis Lee?

No particular reason, I’m pretty humble and just enjoy making music that feels good, and I hope to make other people feel good too.