LIVE STREET ART PROJECT showcase feat. Cheeky & Styna | This Sunday at Soul of Sydney Godfathers of Funk – Fundraiser Special.


Introducing the two immensely talented artists who will be joining us this Sunday to do their thing live as part of live Sydney Street Art Project. Be sure to check out there amazing work on the links below.



Though I like to travel under the pseudonym "Cheeky Observer", my real name is Alicia McFadzean.


I love detail, intimacy and that cathartic moment of transformation when a work takes on a life of its own.

I make mistakes.

I look to the world as my teacher in the design space. I like to think that I can learn just as easily from graffiti on the street, as I can a textbook or a computer screen.

I have an insatiable craving for life and all the weird and wonderful things in it. I want to capture these things, piece by piece, and share them with you.

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About Styna /

Christina Huynh is a freelance artist and graphic designer based in the suburbia of Sydney’s West. Working under the alias of STYNA, her work is a reflection of the contrast between wildlife and human nature.

Christina mixes human behaviour with animal characteristics and in doing so she tries to illustrate underlying themes of movement and momentum. Although her work is mainly figurative, Christina’s drawings are based on the highs, lows and in-betweens of her life.

Her favourite medium is fusing watercolours with a ballpoint pen however as of late, Christina is delving into the adventurous world of acrylics and spray paint.







Events/ Exhibitions:

  • 2014 ‘Heads & Tails Exhibition, A Styna and Cheeky Collaboration’ – The Commune
  • 2014 RawNewcastle Communique Show – The Great Northern Hotel
  • 2014 Live art at South King Block Party – The Commune
  • 2014 Awaken Exhibition – Whitehouse Institute of Design
  • 2014 Live art at Bring it on Festival – Artist Isle Crew
  • 2014 Live art at Stockland Mall – Artist Isle Crew
  • 2014 Live art at StreetFest – Food Trucks United
  • 2013 Live art at The Royal Basel Artprize – Lo-Fi Collective
  • 2013 The Royal Basel Artprize Final Exhibition – Lo-Fi Collective
  • 2013 RawSydney Translations Show – The Roxy Parramatta
  • 2011 ‘Made’ Graduation Exhibition – Cockle Bay Wharf
  • 2011 ‘Burrow’ International Zine fair – Museum of Contemporary Art
  • 2011 “Design is Difference” agIdeas – RMIT Design Exchange


  • 2013 Red Book Art Prize – Stupid Krap
  • 2012 A4 LAB Magazine Purity Issue
  • 2011 Made Graduation Exhibition

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