NEW MUSIC: Lo Five, Resin Dogs, Bryte, Thavy Ear

lo five ‘singularity’ album
Lo Five 'Singularity' album When it comes to Modern Soul Aussie duo Lo Five are leading the charge. The formidable duo of Tam Morris and Alan Goodman combine inspiration from the past with the digital availabilities of tomorrow, wining them a legion of fans including the likes of The Sweet Inspirations, Jazzanova, Alex Lloyd, Sly & Robbie, Olivia Newton John and Jools Holland.

Their debut album ‘Singularity’ is a labour of love between two souls who just click and across 13 tracks the two have captured their own blend of soul and funk that harbours spices from a wide scope of influences.

‘We Do’ has the essence of a great funk record mixed with pop sensibilities. The catchy homage track ‘Heavenly Ho’ about Amy Winehouse was written six month before word spread of her demise. For ‘Little Man’ Lo Five collaborated with legendary The Sweet Inspirations (Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, The Killers). When the recording session was finished, Portia Griffin was so excited she exclaimed "I’m gonna play this to Oprah!".

In a world of sample mediocrity and regurgitated rehashes, Lo Five stand in stark and shining contrast, beckoning all brave adventurers to a brighter future! But maybe if you don’t pick up any of that when listening to ‘Singularity’, you will get an urge to move your derriere…

Check out the video for ‘Keep the beat alive’ HERE

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resin dogs ‘still the beats’ single
Resin Dogs 'Still The Beats' single It may have been 28 dog years since the release of their last studio album ‘More’, but Aussie legends Resin Dogs haven’t just been sitting around on their paws.

Over the past couple of years they have crammed more action into their busy schedules than many do in a decade. Not only have they been submerged in producing and recording local and international acts at their world class custom built studio set in the beautiful backdrop of Byron Bay, they have also toured the globe several times, Djing and playing with the likes of Wolfmother, Mihirangi, Bankrupt Billionaires and numerous rock pop funk and sole acts. They even did a special performance for Neil Young!

Their new single ‘Still The Beats’ featuring Dialectrix on vocal duties is out now and is the first sneak peak at their new ‘Beats From DownUnder EP’ due for release 4th November through Hydrofunk Records/MGM.

Giving Hip Hop funk appeal with live horns, this huge party tune sees the dogs back in full swing ready to start and finish the party!

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bryte ‘bryte side of life’ album
Bryte 'Bryte Side Of Life' album Aussie indigenous Hip Hop artist Bryte picks up the pace with the release of his sophomore album ‘Bryte Side Of Life’. Out through TOO SOLID Records/MGM Distribution, not only is the LP inspiring and reflective but it’s got multi-level humour that will both amuse and shock.

Born and raised in Brisbane, now living in Perth, Bryte has been exposed to many different experiences, attitudes and ways of life from a young age. Fostered from his sick mother at just a few days old, there is no question that Bryte’s depth of understanding comes out in his music. His positive vision of hope crossed with his often harsh view of reality is found both in his lyrics and in the lines between.

Working with ARIA Award winning producer Dazastah (Hilltop Hoods, Downsyde, Phrase, Funkoars, Drapht) and engineer Rob Agostini (The Mummy 3, Tim & Jean, Yunyu, Blanche Dubois), over a 9 month period, the process also included several naked girls, large amounts of homemade pale ale and the ongoing lingering smell of spicy laksa farts. On the lyrical tip, Bryte was joined by Dazastah, SBX songstress Porsah Laine, as well as Sione ‘Cortext’ Malamala and Ricko ‘Chekid’ Thornton who featured on ‘Chainsaw Dick’ a song that brought them all to their knees in spasms of laughter.

If you like hip hop with a bit of grunt, a few laughs and a whole lot of heart, all you really need to do is look on the Bryte side of life.

Check out the video for ‘Bryte Side of Life’ HERE

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thavy ear ‘for your ears only’
Thavy Ear 'For Your Ears Only' Aussie songstress Thavy Ear has been flexing her vocal muscles for a while now, working with some of the countries most respected names, but the time has come for her to step forward with her own creation, a six track EP titled ‘For Your Ears Only’, released through Hydrofunk Records/MGM.

Born to Cambodian parents, Thavy’s love of music began at a young age. Writing her first song at age 13, her formative years were anything but easy, having come out the other side of life experiences that would break many, Thavy has instead taken her background of hardship and used it to inspire some truly remarkable music that is continuing to evolve with each new session in the studio.

Spreading her creative energy across the urban and electronic landscapes, Thavy is as equally comfortable on a soulful lounge rhythm as she is on a seductive dance anthem. While the young songstress is not easily comparable, her broad musical horizon takes influence from most genres across the modern musical spectrum.

‘For Your Ears Only’ EP captures Thavy at her best across 6 tracks which were brought to life with the help of Dave Atkins (Resin Dogs, Wolfmother) on production duties.


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