‘Change Makes You Want To Hustle’ A Funk, Soul ; Disco Tribute to Barack Obama
Mixed By Soul Of Sydney (http://www.soulofsydney.org/blockparty)

Download (https://soulofsydney.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/change-makes-you-want-to-hustle-a-revoultionary-funk-soul-disco-tribute-to-the-newest-funky-president-barack-obama/)

1. The Love Unlimited Orchestra – Midnight Groove,
2. Fatback Band – Mister Bass Man
3. The Head Hunters- God Made Me Funky
4. The Honey Drippers- Impeach The President
5. The O’Jays- Give The People What They Want
6. James Brown- The Boss
7. Bill Withers- Lovely Day
8. Herb Alpert – Rise
9. James Brown – Funky President
10. Maceo & The Macks – Soul Power ’74
11. Donald Byrd- Change- Makes You Want To Hustle
12. Curtis Mayfield- Right on For The Darkness
13. Stevie Wonder- Black Man
14. The Blackbyrds- Rock City Park
15. Odyssey- Going Back To My Roots
16. John McLaughlin- Planetary Citizen
17. Issac Hays- Theme From S.H.A.F.T
18. The Beginning of The End- Funky Nassau (Part 1)
19. George Clinton – One Nation Under A Groove
20. Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground
21. Lonnie Liston Smith- Expansions
22. George Benson- You Can Do It23. Roy Ayers- Evolution

Download (https://soulofsydney.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/change-makes-you-want-to-hustle-a-revoultionary-funk-soul-disco-tribute-to-the-newest-funky-president-barack-obama/)

Email: soulofsydney@gmail.com


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