SYDNEY HIP HOP: Young, Gifted & Broke showcase @ The Civic Underground this Thursday night!!

When one thinks of the phrase ‘Young, Gifted and Broke’, it is a phrase that resonates within every artisan community around the world. Most precariously daring creative ideas are negotiated in spaces of rebellion, angst, and the desire to be expressive and free.

The young are gifted, and constantly broke.

In the world of New Zealand Hip Hop, the ‘Young, Gifted and Broke’ may no longer be a testament to artistic poverty. Look, who am I kidding, they probably are still broke, but they are living their dreams. Who can critique that? Y,G&B is a boutique music label whom have espoused the ethical value of ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, in addition, their mission statement is to champion underground artists.

Progressive, if you ask me, and a value that will eventually propel them and their country onto the international market. But, who are the artists on their roster? They are a collective of young musicians that have never been heard of before with the exception of @Peace, Funkommunity and Home Brew. The rest, well… does it really matter if you know them or not? New Zealand musicians always produce quality music.

The collective will be showcasing some of their talented artists under their roster at the CIVIC UNDERGROUND THIS THURSDAY NIGHT!

Having just been nominated for 6 NZ Music Hip Hop Awards Home Brew return to Australia to showcase tracks from their critically acclaimed double album (the first Hip Hop album to debut at #1 in New Zealand since 2003). Conceptualized by the balance of life’s extremities, one side is light, the other, dark. It’s a dichotomy of methadone and melancholy. Infinity and finality. It’s a record that looks back at Saturday’s moment of madness through Sunday’s moment of clarity, and something you definitely won’t want to miss live.

Featuring Tom Scott (Home Brew) & Lui Tuiasau on vocals, @PEACE won over the bloggers with their debut album which featured a musical soundscape laid down by Christoph El Truento (Wonderful Noise), Hayden ‘Dandruff’ Dicky & Brandon Haru. Along with them performing on the night, the collector’s edition of the album will be available for the first time at the shows.

With 100% production from Home Brew’s Haz Beats, TEAM DYNAMITE set themselves apart with their debut album The Demo Tape, seeing Lucky Lance & Tony Teez passing verses back & forth like Walter Little & Frank Bunce. Fresh off a national tour in New Zealand and with a new EP Faith Music ready to drop, TEAM DYNAMITE are quickly gaining a reputation for their high energy live show.

The showcase will also feature performances from YG&B label manager DJ Substance, with local supports to be announced!

In a time when music sales are thriving and every kid has a walkman it makes perfect sense that Young, Gifted and Broke are releasing a cassette tape.

Featuring work from Home Brew@PeaceChristoph El Truento, Haz BeatsSide Steps Quintet and countless other people you’ve never heard of, owning this tape will make you the baby Jesus of hipsters. What’s cooler than music you can’t physically listen to? The tape has already sold double platinum in Auckland (24 copies) and this week will be released in Australia. Mate. This is the best thing since Jimmy Barnes.


Grindin’ and Young, Gifted and Broke have announced the first 100 through the doors will receive a Y,G&B special mixtape reserved for the first 100 patrons through the door this Thursday.

This is going to be one huge event that you shouldn’t miss!!



Home Brew
Team Dynamite
Suff Daddy (MPM)
True Vibenation (Big Village)
DJ Substance
Hosted by Shantan Wantan Ichiban (Stolen Records)WHERE:

Thursday 25th October

Civic Underground 388 Pitt St, Sydney



Tix are $15.00 through moshtix or $25.00 at the door!


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