TOUR: Fashawn + Exile Sydney Show in June 21 @ CIVIC UNDERGROUND

Inline image 1Grindin’ & Acclaim Magazine Presents

Fashawn & Exile

Thursday 21st June

Civic Underground – Sydney

Live and direct from California: critically acclaimed MC Fashawn and super producer Exile.

After initially working on Fashawn’s classic debut “Boy Meets World” in 2009 they now tour Australia together for the first time.


What did you do the year you turned 21? Hip-hop prodigy Fashawn earned a spot on the cover of XXL magazine, toured the world and built a rep as one of rap’s new rising stars.

Fashawn’s debut album, “Boys Meets World” was heralded by critics and fans alike as one of the best albums of 2009 for its gritty, street-wise and intelligent rhymes. Some even compared his introductory opus to Nas’ brilliant “Illmatic.” It was enough for XXL to name Fashawn to its list of hip-hop’s best freshman.

In 2010 he toured throughout America with Wiz Khalifa, then followed that up with a Talib Kweli tour. Fashawn is also no stranger to the International Hip Hop scene touring with Dilated Peoples in 2009 and most recently Rakim in 2011.From coast to coast, and from continent to continent, everyone agreed – they weren’t seeing some fly-by-night novelty act, they were seeing one of hip-hop’s freshest new voices.

Many took notice: He worked with Grammy-winning producers Dr. Dre, DJ Khalil and Alchemist, featured on songs with J. Cole, Aloe Blacc and a handful of tomorrow’s future stars. Skateboardapparel company Etnies and urban clothing line Orisue both turned to him for endorsements. Camp Woodward, the biggest extreme sports camp in the world, recruited him to create a song/TV commercial and his hometown Fresno Grizzlies (AAA baseball) have made custom Fashawn merchandise to sell at their events. So that’s legendary hip-hop producers, international clothing lines and a pro sports franchise all wanting to be part of Team Fashawn.

With a strong hip-hop pedigree (think Rakim’s merciless rhymes plus 2pac’s outlaw spirit plus Nas’ effortless flow) and a loyal fan base of young listeners, Fashawn seems poised for the long haul.


Pass the Cohiba –

Samsonite Man –


Like many hip hop musicians, Ex grew up around music. His father released what are now sought-after 45’s in the 1960’s and Ex’s grandfather, Alberico Manfredi, taught music and played in bands ranging from Mariachi to traditional Italian music. By 15 he secured a turntable and some tape decks and started creating tape loops.

Slowly but surely, Ex started acquiring equipment and refining his sound until at the age of 18 he met a then-16 year old AloeBlacc, who was still just an MC at the time. They recognized the promise in each other and began recording music on a four track. Taking the name Emanon, they took a curious approach to releasing their music, putting their original music on one side and making a mixtape of current hot shit for the other side. He spent these years working with a wide array of underground talent, releasing 12”s and a full length as Emanon, The Waiting Room. It was when he was working on his own compilationalbum, Dirty Science, that he met a 19 year old Blu through Aloe. Blu and Ex recorded some music for Exile’s compilation and immediately after the first studio session the duo started discussing what would become the phenomenon that is “Below The Heavens”. When the album was finally completed and released years later, the response was overwhelmingly positive, with many critics claiming the duo had created a modern classic. It was also during this time that Exile started to branch off from working strictly with underground cats by landing placements with Jurassic 5, Akon and Kardinall Official and a show-stealing beat on Mobb Deep’s Blood Money album.

Exile has no plans to slow down the pace. Currently he is making even bigger strides to bridge the gap between underground and mainstream, a budding working relationship with the legendary Chicago producer NO ID led Ex towards securing a placement on Big Sean’s debut album. He is currently working on music for Big Sean’s second album as well as music for Lupe Fiasco, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Bow Wow and Talib Kweli. Diehard fans will be happy to know that along with more marquee names, Ex doesn’t plan on ditching his past. There are solid plans for the second Emanon full length, Exile and Blu have already recorded many songs for a second joint LP and Fashawn and Ex have begun talking about a “Boy Meets World” follow up. Exile even has plans of using old reel-to-reel multi-track tapes of his fathers music for an upcoming project.

Exile is both old-fashioned and avant-garde, both familiar and strange. He makes music that is in the cannon of classic hip-hop and music that can only be labeled as ‘experimental.’ He is working with platinum MC’s as well as with the kid up the block. He is a huge, bald, white man of Italian descent but has the makings of a classic hip hop producer ala Premo or Pete Rock. Keep your ears open Exile has just begun.


Exile sampling Internet radio –

Blu & Exile: So(ul) Amazing –

Thursday 21st June

Civic Underground – Sydney


Dialectrix & Tuka

DJ’s Morgs, Ology, Frenzie

Hosted by Shantan Wantan Ichiban

Tickets via


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