Annie McKinnon.

Okay this may not necessarily fit into the soul/hip-hop/funk genre per se. But I am keen on introducing this sister, Annie McKinnon. She is an emerging Sydney-based (originally from Coonabarabran, New South Wales) singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist (and perhaps other things too!)
 I only discovered this precious gem earlier in the year as she          supported Jess Harlen on her Neon Heartache album launch at the Supper Club, Darlinghurst. As the audience were waiting, drinking a few beers and cocktails over a chat. Entered Annie. Jess introduced her as her ‘friend’. Honestly, didn’t know what to expect however, my ears and eyes were peeled. The moment Annie started strumming the guitar, the surrounding conversation slowly began to phase out. Eyes and ears shifted towards the stage, listening intently to the progression of her narrative throughout her songs. 
Her tunes could be described as having a smooth, soulful, acoustic, raw and lyrical sound. Great for chillin’.  Each venue had a unique character about them and a chilled-out ambiance. It was rockin’ like Robin! Speaking of which, one of Annie songs is called Robin Hood. One of the most catchiest lines in my opinion are: “I wish, I was, Robin Hood. Fighting the rich for the poor, and doing a bit of good”.
 Since the first gig I was able to watch two of her more recent gigs at Notes in Newtown in support of Francesca Sidoti and at the Clarendon Hotel in Surry Hills (where she gave out freebies – Plug It CD). Recently Annie has released two singles On Top Of The Hill and Plug It which are currently the top 2 songs on Triple J’s Unearthed Roots charts! Believe it or not. Everybody loves a freebie! So go fetch these tunes and rate them on Triple J’s Unearthed (see links below).
Annie is also currently working on her EP “The Endless Run” so keep your eyes and ears peeled for this sista!


You can find more of Annie McKinnon below:


Free download and Rate Plug It and On Top Of The Hill at


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