Soul/Hip Hop: Vinia Mojica "Sands Of Time"

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A name that was to become well known in Hip Hop circles her singing debut was a cameo on Jungle Brothers “Acknowledge Your Own History”″
(taken from the album Done by the Forces of Nature)

Two long years later she reappeared to make her most notorious performance on this

Shortly after “Roller Skating Jam” was released she again showed up in the form of a cameo on A Tribe Called Quest‘s Low End Theory album.″
(“Verses From the Abstract”)

Initially released on Bobbito’s shortly lived Fruitmeat label this record was so incredibly slept on when it was released I couldn’t find one place that has it for sale today – not Discogs, not ebay, not gemm – nobody has it.  Discogs didn’t even have a listing for it.

I did see a Discogs listing for the original original version of this song that was actually a record put out by L.A. based rapper Kombo featuring Miss Mojica, but the version featured here is a different mix than the one featured on the Kombo 12″, although both are produced by Geology.

The record looks like this″
Vinia Mojica “Sands of Time” Geo’s Qunitessential Mix @ 320

Check out Miss Vinia Mojica’s discography here.

note – She has a fan page on Facebook and posted on her wall what looks like an unreleased album dated 2005.

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