Hip Hop Mix: MK-1: ‘The One in a Million’ Mixtape

MK-1, the DJ formerly know as Mista Killa releases a very personal and heart felt mixtape inspired by a mysterious woman. As much as anyone knows The Mixtape One in a Million tells a story of the relationship between two people that only lasts a short period of time. cleverly constructed MK-1 captures the essences of the relationship between Love and Pain and tosses them into an emotional melting pot for your listening pleasure.

A message from MK-1:

‘Peace and Blessings Friends and Zulu Family,

Like all great works of art, Its creator had a vision to capture the very essence of our humanity. Whether it be feelings of love, sadness, death, or an appreciation for the graces God has bestowed upon us etc.

Its been a while since i have shared with you any of my work due to a over welcomed visit of a creative mind block.

Over the past few weeks I have been inspired to create a very personal piece of work. Inspired by my personal journey and a very special individual I was gracious enough to have walk in my life for a brief moment.

I have put on my Sound Designer Hat opposed to the DJ as a means to provoke certain emotions on cue through a well constructed selection of sounds and tracks giving it a ‘cinematic’ feel. the duration is only 31 minutes to signify the 31st month of January 2010 when this journey began.

I welcome any comments you may have regarding the mix-tape: One in a Million and hope you enjoy the experience. If you choose to download please hit the accept on the event invite.

A note to all Friends and Fans, As a means for me to welcome a blank canvas in my creative expression from this moment onwards the DJ Mista Killa in no longer in venture. All future work/gigs/Appearances I will go by the name MK-1.’

DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.mediafire.com/?mmmdnnize3d

Zulu Peace and Empowerment for all.
True knowledge

Mighty Universal Zulu Nation – Australia Chapter.

Zulu Peace and Empowerment for all.

Zulu Akhi Mista Killa
Teacher /Journalist / DJ / Sound Designer
Universal Zulu Nation – Australia Chapter

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