Podcast#3 – ‘Cumbiambero Loco: An Afro-Latin & Caribbean Expedition in to ‘Cumbia’ Hosted By: Jack Posada

Soul Of Sydney Podcast #3

‘Cumbiambero Loco’:

An Afro-Latin & Caribbean Expedition in to ‘Cumbia’

Mixed By: JackPosada (Myspace, Soundcloud)

Our podcast this week is a little different to the standard ‘Funk’ we been featuring, it is an unexpected & enjoyable voyage into Caribbean & Afro-Latin beats.

This week we present a 45 min mix of traditional Colombian rebellion music called ‘Cumbia’.

Style: Afro Latin, Cumbia & Caribbean Percussion

Download Here

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Email: soulofsydney@gmail.com


  1. Ritmo de cumbia sonora tropical
  2. Se baila asi Rufo Garrido
  3. Ritmo y palmeras Marimba orquesta gallito
  4. Para el magdalena Los candelosos
  5. Gaita de las Flores Lucho Bermudez
  6. Que muera el gavilan Aniceto Molina
  7. El Pajaro Picón Pacho Galan & Lucho Bermudez
  8. Cumbia En Do Menor Lito Barrientos y su Orquesta
  9. Maria de lkos Reyes Andrés Landero
  10. El guia Andres Landero
  11. Estate cumbia Cero 39
  12. Sonido del principe- el principe
  13. Perdi las abarcas Andres Landero
  14. La Magdalena Las Alegres Diablos
  15. La soberana Combo Sampuesano
  16. Bombo Y Maracas Sarmiento, Climaco Y Su Orquesta
  17. Unknown Los Teen Agers
  18. La Gaita Marciana Sarmiento, Climaco Y Su Orquesta

About ‘Cumbia’

The word ‘Cumbia’ came from the African word “Cumbé”, or party. It’s known as the queen of African rhythms & It has 3 cultural influences (African, Andean & Spanish).

The music originated around the 1820’s during Colombia’s struggle for independence as an expression of national resistance against Spain.

Both the African & Andean influences are obvious in ‘Cumbia’, the rhythms adopted from African slaves used by the Spanish & Andean flutes & poetry make up the core elements of the music .

Originally only performed with drums & claves it has since evolved to include; flutes, guitars, accordion, horns, brass & traditional drums & percussion.

Today it is very popular in Latin America & has even evolved into new forms mixed with Ska, Reggae, Hip Hop & Drum N Bass known as ‘Cumbia digital’ These elements & influences can be found in the music of ; Quanic, Ozomatli, DJ Spinna, Los Lobos & Los Kumbia Kings.

Even in Australia it will be featured at the 2010 Big Day Out Lilly Pad.

For a good introduction to ‘Cumbia’, check out: Cumbia Cumbia , Vol. 1 & 2 released by World Circuit Records (1983, 1989).

Download Here

Click Here to Listen:

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